WordCamp Toronto 2008 – WordPress Security with Mark Jaquith

4 responses on “WordCamp Toronto 2008 – WordPress Security with Mark Jaquith

  1. oyokoba

    How can I increase the video file size of wordpress. Presently one is only allowed maximum of 2MB, and that is very, very small to be of any use. Is there a way around this file size limitation? Thanks.


  2. Margaret Week

    Dearest Mark,
    Yes, that is exactly what I said — Dearest Mark. As a newbie to WordPress, there is so awfully much of what you said that I am not able to fully grasp, BUT, your job and intent is just like that of my sons — the security of good web sites. For that, I thank you, all your efforts, and all of WordPress. Please keep up the good work. There really is no way to express how grateful your users are — even though some may be oblivious. Aside from my gratefulness to you all, I cannot figure out how the “bad guys” can even sleep at night. What losers they are in life, to waste their whole life thinking of ways to do garbage!

    WordPress is the greatest! Thank you all.


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October 4, 2008

Mark Jaquith discusses WordPress security at WordCamp Toronto 2008

Video by Mark Wood

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security 65


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