260 Ways To Break WordPress – Slides

5 responses on “260 Ways To Break WordPress – Slides

  1. SFSecurity

    So where are the slides for the “260 Ways to Break WordPress?” They don’t seem to load.


  2. SFSecurity

    Actually, I should say load in Firefox 3.0.11


  3. SFSecurity

    Nor do they load in IE, just the whirlly thingy in the middle of the image of the screen.


    • Michael Pick

      Thanks for letting us know. I just tested in Firefox 3 and Safari 3 & 4 and the slides seem to be working. It may have been a temporary outage or issue with SlideShare, the third party service where the slides are hosted. Let us know if you continue to have any problems, as should this disappear entirely we will be sure to remove the entry on WordPress.tv


  4. Michael Pick

    If you’re having issues seeing these slides you might want to try visiting the original SlideShare posting. We’ve checked here and can view the slides – but if you are unable to do so, SlideShare is your best bet as we don’t have control over their player or content. Thanks!


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October 27, 2008

Lorelle VanFossen‘s slides from her WordCamp 2008 presentation on 260 ways to break WordPress – a definitive guide to pushing WordPress to the limits

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