High Performance WordPress – Slides

5 responses on “High Performance WordPress – Slides

  1. Tim Driver

    Very useful set of slides – In my IT work we are dealing with servers for a FTSE 100 company – I dont think we will have an issue with their server load for many months to come thanks for the useful information – As for my photography site and its 400 hits a day …..


  2. Alex from Suffolk

    Often people with ‘small’ sites tend to overlook the importance of server load, especially on shared hosting.

    Most sites will trundle along fine, but I often come across sites where the server just doesn’t have enough resources, so the DB falls over.

    Always odd, that site admins try to save a few bucks by going shared hosting, when having a proper server with ample resources will increase your business tenfold by not contributing to bounce rate.


  3. James - London

    Server speed is going to become more and more important. I’m looking into dedicated hosting rather than shared hosting but just can’t justify the price for such a small site. However, after reading these posts I’m starting to think that maybe it is worth it!


  4. Paul Armes

    James: Have you looked into Cisco’s dedicated hosting service? It’s pretty good bang for buck in the way of smaller sites.


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October 28, 2008

Slides from the High Performance WordPress presentation from Barry Abrahamson and Matt Mullenweg, from WordCamp SF 2007

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