WordPress 2.6 Released – 3 Minute Features Overview

2 responses on “WordPress 2.6 Released – 3 Minute Features Overview

  1. Margaret Week

    As a newbie, I have to admit I need to check around to see if I actually have all these features. It doesn’t look the same as what I have on my screen, even though I’ve only been blogging for two weeks. This is a dumb question, but, how do I determine whether or not I’m using WordPress 2.6? Do I automatically get updated?


    • Michael Pick

      Hi Margaret – this is a “legacy” video for an older version of WordPress. If you’re working with WordPress.com, you have the equivalent of WordPress 2.7 and all upgrades are taken care of for you automatically. Most of the videos you’ll see here use the new interface.


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October 29, 2008

A brief overview of the (now legacy) WordPress 2.6 interface and features

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