WordCamp NY 2008: Jen Simmons – Video WordPress Part Two

One response on “WordCamp NY 2008: Jen Simmons – Video WordPress Part Two

  1. Cheryl Colan

    Jen did a great job presenting! I’m one of her colleagues from showinabox.tv. I just have a couple comments that won’t make sense unless you watch the whole presentation.

    One thing not mentioned regarding use of Blip.tv-generated feeds (instead of your WordPress feed or a vPIP feed) is that the hyperlinks back to the original post will to to your Blip.tv channel, not your WordPress site. So using Blip.tv feeds *will* work great for Miro and iTunes, but will *not* link viewers back to your site for comments or additional content. So you want to always always always include your site info in your videos, so that viewers can find you.

    About using vPIP to publish audio files, Jen suggested putting audio files in, for example, the vPIP HD slot. You can do that but you can also just customize vPIP. When you first add the vPIP plugin to WordPress, you can edit the names of vPIP fields. So if you’re going to publish an audio-only format along with your videos, you can just change one of the existing fields to “MP3″ before you begin publishing posts using vPIP.

    Finally, VideoPress Related Videos doesn’t grab thumbnails for posts you define as related as was suggested. You have to manually add the thumbnail URL when you define related posts.


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October 30, 2008

Jen Simmons presents on Video WordPress in this second of three videos at WordCamp NYC 2008

Video by Valerie Gurka

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