WordCamp SF 2008: Chuck Lewis – The SEO Rapper


October 31, 2008

Chuck Lewis – AKA The SEO Rapper – takes to the stage to drop some SEO rhymes at WordCamp San Francisco 2008

Video by John P

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13 Responses to “WordCamp SF 2008: Chuck Lewis – The SEO Rapper”

  1. human3rror


  2. firesnowball

    This is good.

  3. Danijel Šivinjski

    Nice song

  4. Bruce GAO


  5. Chris Bigelow

    This is great. SEO Rapper is the man!

  6. flowergardengirl

    Pass this along to Chuck would you?

    Mr Chuck Lewis—-You are talented. I think that is the first time I’ve listened to a rap song all the way through. My music is James Taylor……stop laughing. Do you even know who that is? Good luck in your endeavors. I wonder if a James Taylor song could be done in rap. I think you would find a way but then that’s not cool is it? I don’t know what cool is but I do know a good heart when I see one and you certainly are a gentleman. I admire the information you convey and your style of getting it across to young people. I will pray for you. Have a fantastic day.

    You improvised well;)

  7. TechPaparazzi

    Soon we are in India also going to have WordCamp , matt will be there…and we want amazing people like SEO rapper

  8. davidcardona


  9. reagreen


  10. familywise

    SEO Rapper you da man bro. You cool man.

  11. zye

    it’s good,,

  12. The Frosty


  13. Adam Haney

    this is so great!

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