WordCamp SF 2008 – Lorelle Van Fossen: 260 Ways to Break WordPress


October 31, 2008

Lorelle VanFossen talks through the importance of pushing WordPress to edge with her presentation on WordPress hacks at WordCamp SF 2008

Video by John P

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5 Responses to “WordCamp SF 2008 – Lorelle Van Fossen: 260 Ways to Break WordPress”

  1. ladyjtalks

    This was really neat. I’m new to this kind of blogging and word press so this was not only informational it was fun. Thank you, LJ


  2. John Hadskey

    I am new at blogging but this was great.Thanks. I will
    definately be buying your book


  3. John Bocata

    Great video on how to hack wordpress, as we all know right now all the hacks they did in the video is allready been made in plugins.I know it’s an old post but i really needed to comment because of the hacks.


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