Changing your default media settings


January 5, 2009

If you prefer to set your own default image dimensions, you can do so from the Media Settings menu. This short tutorial walks you through the process.

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7 Responses to “Changing your default media settings”

  1. Stijn Jasper

    Nice video, Maybe you can help us how to get a media player something like the JW player.


  2. pvf

    Im having an issue with this feature. I changed the sizes to what I wanted, then I changed the thumbnail size to be somewhat larger, and now the media sizes I have under the settings menu do not match with those shown when I upload an image and want to insert them into a page/post!

    Is there a way to rest to the default wordpress sizes?



  3. Sheri

    There isn’t a way to reset the defaults at the moment, however, you can set thumbnails to 128×96, medium to 300×300, and large to a size that best fits with the theme you are using.

  4. pvf


    well if a can’t reset the media sizes to the default settings, how can i make the media manager actually offer the media sizes i have set under the Settings>Media menu?
    Because it doesn’t offer the sizes i have inserted, the sizes actually change with every image!

    Any help is greatly appreciated!



  5. Edgar

    I have the same issue. I set the large image to a a width of 570, but always is added with a width of 320.



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