Getting a post out quickly with QuickPress


January 5, 2009

If you want to quickly get a post out without the trimmings of the main editor, QuickPress makes it simple to publish right from the dashboard. This short video walks you through it.

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14 Responses to “Getting a post out quickly with QuickPress”

  1. katrinabee

    Sounds EASY !!! Thanks I’ll try it.

  2. bwarren777

    Great, Thank you

  3. Sandy Adell

    thank you. these tutorials are making this so easy for me.

  4. azaniam


  5. ragdezaid

    As a beginner it is very useful. Thanks.

  6. amrutmanthan

    Mr. Pick’s other tutorials are better. However, in this particular one, his pronunciation and speed of his talk hampered easy understanding.

  7. Phil @ Adwords

    Does this software post to multiple blogs or just one? Plus does it just post to wordpress blogs, can it post to any other such as blogger and typepad?

  8. judiesword

    Thank you, that makes it easy.

  9. peggy

    Thanks, I’m just beginning and need all the help I can get.

  10. urbanmissionblog

    If I’ve saved a draft in Quick Press, where can I later find it?

    • Michael Pick

      It should appear with your other drafts under the top level Posts menu, specifically you can drill down into Drafts with the filters at the top of the Posts list screen

  11. Northern Book Centre

    Made things easy for me. Thanks

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