WordCamp Las Vegas 2009 Live: Matt Mullenweg on the future of WordPress

8 responses on “WordCamp Las Vegas 2009 Live: Matt Mullenweg on the future of WordPress

  1. Geoff

    The focus of 2.8 should be design of the front end with a theme installer, one click updates, theme admin features like thesis or one-theme built into core and widgetized themes all around. Why should widgets only reside in the sidebar. How about the header, footer and body.


  2. Geoff

    when I submit a comment the video restarts, maybe make the comments ajaxy so the video keeps rolling…


  3. Ian Glendinning

    I agree the focus should be admin tools, but not just style / presentation (themes) and functional (widgets / plug-ins), but also admin of actual content. Global DB functions made easier for the Admin user who is not a PHP or MySQL programmer.

    2.7 focussed on consolidating and streamlining the front end admin, 2.8 should focus on the back end admin. IMHO natch … comments gone into the questionnaire already. When can we expect feedback ?


  4. links2funblog

    I agree with everything said here but there is one more thing I would like to add in my personal opinion the way you edit the layout feels like web 1.5 it would be cool if you had a pallet of widget blogs which you could drag and drop onto a interactive preview of the site where you could also redo the menus and stuff.


  5. links2funblog

    I made a typo I meant widget blocks not widget blogs.


  6. m1garcia

    I agree. I’m a graphic designer. ‘making anything’ user friendly has mass appeal.


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January 13, 2009

Matt Mullenweg‘s presentation at WC Las Vegas 2009 in which he discusses the future of WordPress

Video by John Hawkins

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