WordCamp Las Vegas 2009 Live – Shayne Sanderson talks WP-ecommerce


January 13, 2009

Shayne Sanderson‘s WordCamp Las Vegas 2009 presentation on the WP-ecommerce plugin mark II

Video by John Hawkins

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3 Responses to “WordCamp Las Vegas 2009 Live – Shayne Sanderson talks WP-ecommerce”

  1. ubrayj02



  2. danmilward

    Well done Shayne!!!

    We really love having you in the WordPress e-Commerce Plugin team. It’s just fantastic to have you around and well done for for making so many people laugh. And double well done for supporting so many WordPress users over the last two years!!

    For those of you interested in the WordPress Wiki plugin. You can grab if from our site here: http://www.instinct.co.nz/wordpress-wiki-plugin/


  3. shayne

    Thanks guys…looking forward to more WordCamps and more WP Ecommerce followers!…and of course, more great slide presentations…


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