WordCamp Toronto 2008 – Charles Hodgson on WordPress and podcasting

6 responses on “WordCamp Toronto 2008 – Charles Hodgson on WordPress and podcasting

  1. godwithus1

    The audio on here is too low… Good presentation, but I wish it could be louder.


  2. Gene

    I agree the audio is almost unintelligible to me.


  3. Neuromancer

    terible 60/50 hz buzz which could have been got rid of witha notch filter


  4. Laurie Morrison

    The sound is practically inaudible, I still don’t get the concept of wordpress and podcasting.


  5. Staxx

    Terrible audio, as with surprisingly much of the videos posted here. Very disappoint!


  6. Michael Pick

    We have no control over the production of quality of videos aggregated here (as opposed to those produced in-house), unfortunately – if the only video available of a presentation has less than stellar audio, for instance, the thinking is that it’s better than not covering it all.

    Where possible we’ll be trying to play a more active role in future A/V recordings, but with the sheer amount of WordCamps happening, we don’t have final control over the source content. If you happen to find a recording of the same even with higher quality audio, we’re all ears :) Otherwise, point taken.


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January 14, 2009

Charles Hodgson discusses WordPress as a podcasting platform at WordCamp Toronto 2008

Video by CCSAI

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