WordCamp Toronto 2008 – David Peralty on professional blogging

10 responses on “WordCamp Toronto 2008 – David Peralty on professional blogging

  1. Ryan Gladstone

    The interference noise on this video makes it really difficult to watch.


  2. helipad

    I agree with the noise problem.. such a pain.


  3. Allan

    With a consistent hum like this,you might be able to get this filtered out or dampened by a professional audio shop.


    • Michael Pick

      I appreciate that people are having some issues with the sound – unfortunately we have no control at WordPress.tv over this, as these are third-party videos aggregated from across the web. If you find a version of the same presentation with better audio or video than the version we post, do feel free to get in touch with us via the contact form.


  4. swandiver

    The noise was a little annoying but the info was great. I learned more in this video than I have a year stumbling through myself.


  5. fdask

    The buzz is slightly annoying, but didn`t interfere with hearing the speaker.

    Pretty good general tips here!


  6. Mike Licht

    An articulate and informed discussion. Bottom line — write better.

    (That PA buzz is familiar to anyone who played in bar bands. It means abused connectors. Clean, repair, replace.)


  7. bullme

    A lot of nice tips for a freshman!


  8. Stephen Marki

    Come back to Toronto, I would love to go to another WordCamp


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January 14, 2009

David Peralty discusses professional blogging, and how to run your blog like a pro at WordCamp Toronto 2008

Video by CCSAI

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