WordCamp Toronto 2008 – Rannie Turingan on building a photo portfolio with WordPress

7 responses on “WordCamp Toronto 2008 – Rannie Turingan on building a photo portfolio with WordPress

  1. Matt

    Wonderful photography. Great integration to a wordpress blog as well. Nice work.


  2. miqrogroove

    Worthless. Can’t hear anything in this video and can’t see most of the slides.


  3. Aditya.S

    Someone pump up the volume in this please


  4. jomar

    Grr… Would really have loved to hear this presentation as well… Sydney Wordcamp09, I’ve know a Video production company that may be able to volunteer their resources for the cause…


  5. Marc

    Rannie’s site is very nicely done. I’m assuming he’s a Pinoy. From one Pinoy to another, you can check out my portfolio utilizing the WordPress platform. I’m not a professional photographer though.

    By the way, I’m glad Rannie finally put his Canon camera down instead of holding it as a prop during the presentation.


  6. tdeastvold

    Not to be mean, but this sound is awful. I’ve worked these conventions before so I understand, but I think this is a real shame.


  7. Toronto Photo Studio

    Great video. Thanks for the information. The sound is a little low though.


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January 14, 2009

Rannie Turingan discusses how he has taken his passion for photography and blogging and has used that to create a photography portfolio built on WordPress’ gallery functionality, at WordCamp Toronto 2008

Video by CCSAI

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