Gravatars – How to set one up and get it working (2/3)


January 26, 2009

In part two of a three part series, Derrick Siu of the Net Experiment walks you through the process of getting yourself set up with a Gravatar

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19 Responses to “Gravatars – How to set one up and get it working (2/3)”

  1. Jeanie

    Thanks for the demo, I choose a pic and scanned it to my computor then loaded it to be my gravatar. Don’t think I would of found the motivation anytime soon without this video

  2. Sten Hougaard

    Great videos – You just opened my eyes to yet another interesting feature on the net! :-) Thank you Derri! (and now I am exicited to see if my newly created Gravetar is showing up! :-))

  3. Michael Kreidler

    I’m excited about the whole Gravatar thing. It approached uber coolness. Thanks for the videos.

  4. rolfpeters

    Great demo, directly started to setup my gravatar account and of course checking here if it works!

  5. links2funblog

    Will gravatar handle animated gifs?

  6. jamesmidd62

    would someone tell me how to set up wordpress 2.7 and wordpress TV please reply at

  7. brmbds

    Your videos are very helpful, thanks

  8. owner2

    how to change my picture in my blog use gravatar?someone pls help me.tq

  9. keith milburn

    Thank you for the great video, very easy to understand.

  10. GrowlingBunny

    Excellent. Thank you. Lol I could listen to your accent all day^^

  11. albeagle

    Thanks for this video

  12. John

    Great series of tutorials.

  13. sassyviv

    Thanks, Derrick! Like GrowlingBunny, I could listen to you forever!
    I created the perfect cartoon gravatar, but I saved it as a document, and I just cannot figure out how to turn it into a jpeg or png so I can use it!

    Very frustrating! Maybe your third tutorial will help me out; frankly, you could describe paint drying, and I’d be rapt!

  14. dwl017


  15. Pablo Torrens

    It works great!

  16. john robert pratt

    new but getting on in years so going to take a bit of time j.r.p

  17. Pearl

    I have doneup to rate image. It showed 2big and small images but I am not sure what to do next. It did not say to me it would be in 5-10′.

  18. Pearl

    Oh! Pls ignore my previous note, I can see my gravatar after I hit submit comments. Now does it appear in my blog too. I need to check. By the way, is it the way you set up that when I type the letters are doubled?

  19. feirHF


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