Gravatars – What are they and why you should get one (1/3)

28 responses on “Gravatars – What are they and why you should get one (1/3)

  1. irinamix

    Thank you… I wanted to explain it to my mother!! Now i can make it very well


  2. Yvonne

    Thanks so much! I needed an explanation and that was perfect!


  3. ultimoAdios

    Got it! Reinforcement of what I have started. Thanks.


  4. Jon

    Just testing my new gravatar


  5. Mr Kobayashi

    Thanks for the introduction. But I have to admit, I still don’t get it. But now at a higher level of understanding. :)


  6. randomgong

    Test 1 2 3 gravatar… blee blee blah

    This is neat.

    Thanks for the video!


  7. Tony Cecala

    Excellent screencast. Thanks Derek!


  8. Derrick Siu

    Hi Everyone,

    I only just discovered that wordpress TV featured my video here!. Really glad its helped you all, and thanks for all your comments!! let me know if there are any other kind of videos you would find helpful, as I’m planning my next videos shortly :)



  9. Alex Stuckey

    Thanks for the description.


  10. Student of Systems Counseling

    Thanks, Derrick. I’m only commenting to test my gravitar. Thanks for the opportunity for that, too. :-)


  11. Nick DeStefano

    Derrick Thank you for a very clear explanation.As you can see I have not yet grabbed mine soon will ….must decide…use photo of myself or characterization of ego….difficult decision..ah well….Thanks again.


  12. prashanthi

    It has come up here but not on my blog from 5 days ago.The old one is still visible.



  13. Suzan Carne

    Thanks for the clear explanation Derek. This is my first post, just getting the hang of all this.


  14. danieljankovic

    Thanks for a great explanation Derek.


  15. Mike Morgan

    Hi Thanks. that helps


  16. Denise

    Hi, I’m familiar with Gravatars, but have not found many sources where can get animated gravatars. Any suggestions?


  17. dedris



  18. tjfrantx

    Derrick, I do not see the Plugins in my dashboard.


  19. Pete Massingham

    I have always fely uneasy about placing a photo of myself on line in case someone takes offense at something I say. This may be a completely innocent comment but taken wrongly by someone else. This did happen to me once and I ended up being threatened withall sorts of stuff because the person in question was looking for an excuse to have a go at someone. The fact he had an image of me just made it more difficult to deal with.
    However, I can certainly see the logic of a picture for communication purposes – for making that experience more human.


  20. keessert

    Hi Derek,

    Thanks for the great explanation. I’m going to get my Gravatar now!


  21. speakingfrommorrobay

    Good explanation. It seems so simple and makes a lot of sense


  22. JasonSellsCA

    Very nice. Glad I just created one … thanks WordPress.


  23. Calla Gold

    I’m a newbie and a mom. And a commenter of blogs. Having this image is really nice. Thanks for the explanation. And thanks to WordPress for buying it and making it free.


  24. krodrguezadgoblairm

    Good blog. Can I understand what theme did you work with?


  25. didisbooksandenglish

    Excellent explanation!


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January 26, 2009

Derrick Siu of the Net Experiment explains some of the reasons you might want to get yourself a Gravatar in part one of a three part series.

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