Installing WordPress locally with WampServer

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  1. raiderhost


    – good video tutorial, its very usefull to a user want to learn wordpress in home before upload wordpress into web.
    – simple to understand.

    thankz to shanearthur


  2. Shane Arthur

    Thanks Raiderhost,

    I’m glad you liked the video. I loved making it.


  3. xbiboy

    hmmm..I wanna try this locahost server..coz i usually use “xammp”


  4. Aaron

    WampServer doesn’t work with vista.


    • Johnathan

      It does now, check for updates. Do not install in program files , should be c:/wamp . Also turn off UAC (if you are comfortable with that) You can do that through msconfig ( run > type msconfig > enter)
      I have notice however, that randomly it will not work (taskbar icon will turn yellow) , if it does this simply “stop all services” > “put offline” > restart services” > “put online”, also it is a good practice to put wamp “offline” before you exit wamp. Kind of like using the windows interface to turn your PC off instead of just hitting the power button.


    • caryl

      i certainly agree… i’ve tested it recently and there’s no improvement yet. this kinda SUCKS!


  5. links2funblog

    I did a video just like this on youtube. Only any screen recorders make my computer run horribly.


  6. Wasim

    I had a go at this but I just got to the step where I click on the Wamp icon and choose “PHPMyAdmin” and then I get this mesage.

    Invalid server index: “”

    And now I’ve just tried to do it again and literally NOTHING appears at all. because I don’t understand the steps or what they mean I wouldn’t even know what to do to correct it.


  7. Shane Arthur

    Aaron: I’ve heard about problems with Vista, but I don’t use that operating system so I can’t help you there. I’d do a google search for “wamp vista” though and you will probably be able to find someone else in your situation. Or, you might want to check out the wamp forums.

    links: doing screencasts takes lots of juice, so I suggest you upgrade to a fast system geared toward graphics and video.


  8. Shane Arthur

    Wasim, are you using a firewall or Vista? I’m not familiar with the error message you mentioned, but the wampserver forums might help:,42970

    I wish I could help you more with this.


  9. holder86

    This is a great tutorial but how do I put all my stuff online this way??? I wanna know how to publish things for online. It seems all this is for is for private use only. Maybe im confused about it all. Let me know Shane.


    • Johnathan

      moving from a local build to online is easy.
      Once you have developed your site / blog locally, simply install wordpress on your web server. On your local install use the “export” function. Then on your web install use the “import” function. This will bring your locally developed content to the web. Then as for your theme, simply upload your theme to your web server in “wordpress directory”/wp-content/themes .. Voila! from PC to Web.


  10. Shane Arthur


    This tutorial is indeed for practicing offline. Lots of times, people want to tinker around with WordPress before they go live. Once they practice, they can get space at an ISP, purchase a domain name, and once everything is ready to go(I suggest an ISP like Midphase that has one click WordPress installation), you just transfer your local theme that you tinkered with into your live theme folder, then use your ISP’s control panel to choose that theme.

    Let me know if this helped.


  11. donkeely

    Will wampserver work using WordPressMU?


  12. Shane Arthur

    That’s a damn’d good question donkeely. I’m not sure about that. I’d check the wampserver forums for that.


  13. Lee

    This is a cracking tutorial explained simply and clearly. I am struggling with opening the sample file with note pad but thats because I am thick ! However tohave got to that point is a tribute to the clear instruction. I hope you do more because its really useful.

    Well done.




  14. Lee

    Sorted the editor out and the program works a treat – recommend it to all beginners , thanks.


  15. Shane Arthur

    Awesome Lee. Tell everyone about it. I love a fan base! :)
    Tell ‘um to follow me on twitter too.



  16. heather

    when I type in the address to install the local server – a broken link appears. help?


  17. heather

    I don’t think I was clear in the first post. This is what i am typing: http://localhost/wp-admin/install.php

    google crome and IE say that the link is broken and/or unknown error.


  18. raw28

    Great job was going on 12 hours attempting till I saw this.


  19. Shane Arthur

    Heather, are you sure that you’re wamp server is running before you open your browser and try that link? Make sure it is, and make sure you transferred this file to the c:\wamp\www folder.

    Let me know.


  20. Shane

    So, Raw28, did you get it installed and running?

    let me know.


  21. E11World

    Really great video! Thank you very much. I had the problem with the password field (didn’t know it works if its blank). Thank you very much.


  22. Greg

    Thank you. Everything worked like a charm! Very helpful.


  23. Leon

    Great video Shane. Any chance of producing one for IIS? (IIS 5.1 to be more specific) … kinda constrained because of my company’s IT policy to use MS products.


  24. Raymond

    When I run: http://localhost/wp-admin/install.php

    I get.

    Already Installed

    You appear to have already installed WordPress. To reinstall please clear your old database tables first.

    That’s OK except that I didn’t know there was another installation on my machine and I certaintly don’t know how to find and remove old databases.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Ray


  25. aliblu5308


    I have two questions.

    1. Can’t I just upload my finished site via FTP?

    2. I already have a blog installed as a subsite to a bigger website. I want to delete the entire main site and replace it with the Word Press blog. This means changing the URL from to What happens to the database already installed with my host? Will the updates and plugins still work or do I have to re do everything?

    I hope that makes sense.



  26. caryl

    is this technique still effective nowadays? in the past few months I’ve attempted to re-install XAMPP/XAMPPlite/WAMP server or even BitNami WordPress Stack, it keeps on getting errors every now and then. BTW, I’m using Vista.


  27. Southern Studio Boy

    Great video tutorial!


  28. Shane Arthur

    Just popping in after months of downtime. Not feeling up to anything these days. Wish me luck to find my motivation again.


  29. Josh

    I have been running XAMPP LITE on XP Prof’. Works fine with WP 2.8 so far. I am about to get Verizon’s FiOS boradband service. Common knowledge is that Verizon blocks port 80, and local host stops working. Could you please suggest a remedy? Many Thanks.


  30. Shannon

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I had trouble at first but once I uninstalled IIS (I had tried using that before for a different project and couldn’t get it to run properly, so I didn’t mind shutting it down), your tutorial worked beautifully. You made it so easy!


  31. janie

    Thanks! Have Wampserver running fine on my Vista PC and playing with WordPress. Does anyone know how to set up multiple blogs locally?


  32. nedfuller

    Thanks m8! Great tutorial!


  33. Raymond Day

    You can delete the index.php that came with the wampserver. It’s just a little test webpage to show you that Apache, The thing that does web pages is working.

    Very good video to show this. I did not know could do this on Windows XP. I been doing in on Linux. That’s neat can run this on Windows. To bad have to turn off skype.

    -Raymond Day


  34. Linda F

    Thanks Shane, that is a very clear video and you’ve done a great job describing how to install WAMP.

    Hope your motivation has returned – we all go through those slumps but usually come out better on the other side.

    I would like to work locally on several WordPress sites at the same time. Can anyone explain how to set up more than one local site?

    Please and thanks!


  35. Linda F

    In case this helps anyone else, I just found a description here of how to have multiple virtual sites locally:


  36. venkat

    very good for Installing WordPress locally with WampServer.

    thank u…


  37. Sanjay

    Great video. I was able to do the install right along with it.


  38. rtiqlit

    Hey Shane, I can’t THANK YOU enough for this video. I was pulling my hair out trying to get this local install to work after watching a video (4 times) to do the same on Your process varied a bit from that video, but HOOOOORRRRAAAAYYYYYY, YOURS gave me a working install! You ROCK kiddo!!


  39. Shane Arthur

    You’re welcome rtiqlit.


  40. jurug

    when I type in the address to install the local server – a broken link appears. help?


  41. Steph

    Great video!!! Simple and very easy to follow walkthrough! Thank you so much!


  42. ariberbagi

    is this technique still effective nowadays? in the past few months I’ve attempted to re-install XAMPP/XAMPPlite/WAMP server or even BitNami WordPress Stack, it keeps on getting errors every now and then. BTW, I’m using Vista.


  43. BellaMary

    Thank you so much. You have helped me tremendously. I have spent so many hours trying to find a complete walk through that would help me, I’m so grateful for your video.


  44. billionstrang

    Here’s an easier way to host multiple sites locally. I tried the “virtual host” method outlined in the link that Linda F offered, but I couldn’t get it to work on my machine. The following is much easier, and it works great:
    Before you install wordpress, go to www in your wamp folder, and create a file called “client1″ (you can name it anything you want.) Then go to your phpmyadmin page, and Create New Database called “client 1″ Now paste your wordpress into the client1 folder, and follow the steps outlined above. (for databese, enter client1; everything else is the same.)

    Now you can repeat these steps for each new database. Create a file in www called client2, create a database in phpmyadmin called client2, install wordpress in client2 folder, and make sure the database in wp-config is client2.

    So then you go to your browser and type in http:localhost/client1/wp-admin, and you’re there! Change “client1″ to whatever site you want to work on.

    If your browser can’t find the address, you probably forgot to start wamp. I’ve done that a few times.


  45. ab

    thanks for this. so far I’ve been following some tutorials on how to make this work that would instruct me to write stuff and complicated code in command promt and what not. it did work but the set of instructions was something I could never remember. but I always thought it doesn’t make sense for this to be this complicated. so, I kept looking for an easier way until I found this article which indeed showed me how really easy is to set up things.


  46. Casey

    I’ve been using Vista for a long time and the only time I have had issues with my WAMP server is when I have Skype loaded. If you disable Skype when you want to use your WAMP server, it works fine; otherwise, it will be orange instead of green.


  47. Gery

    for all of you using the wordpress files from you real web server on your local machine (maybe you’ve just discovered the option of working locally):


    /* I just spent 45 minutes trying to find out what’s the problem with my firewall… */


  48. chris copland

    WordPress Made Easy for Wamp.
    Anyone could follow this simple tutorial
    Excellent for those who wish to skip all the techie stuff
    and get straight to getting the job done Excellent Tutorial


  49. Jacques Laurent

    This is awesome! Wish I had found this when I first started. I finally got it working on my computer a few months ago, then the Hard Drive crashed! I spent 3 months trying to rebuild with no sucess. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!


  50. depeku

    Its very helpful, although the old version but can be adjusted


  51. Biju

    SUPER Shane,….Very helpful


  52. Mike

    Wahooo, worked out of the box first time as per the video…..installed it on a spare laptop running a fresh install of win7Pro 32bit. Just had to be quick on the pause and rewind for url addresses.

    I will be playing around with billionstrang’s advice for multiple sites and post again.

    Question: Migration/transfering to a web host (not local), what are the steps for that….ie. folder/location names, dbase passwords/username, etc.etc.etc.

    Well done all, a fairly straight forward and easy to follow instuctions. Kepp up the good work


  53. CharmaTweets

    Thank you! Everything worked out perfectly :)


  54. simplyrawwomen

    I want to try it on my site: with a new version of WordPress: 3.3.2 and WAMP version 2.2 following the instructions at But, when I was on the step to follow WordPress installation instructions, wordpress says Error establishing a database connection, although, I already created Database with the same name on the live server.

    With Google Search, your video is #1 and followed the instructions carefully. I now have wordpress installed on my local computer.

    Thanks for putting your time to create this video.



  55. graeme

    thanks, this still works today perfectly…however I’d just like to add that instead of overwriting the current index.php within WAMP’s www folder, you can create a new folder such as ‘wordpress’ within the www folder.

    then to access your install you go to: http://localhost/wordpress instead of just local host. The index.php that is overwritten in this tutorial is the WAMP localhost index page.


  56. solidweb

    Thanks Shane, that was one of the best tutorials I have seen – excellent, well done. I too after typing in the local host address it wouldn’t work, then I read about turning Wamp on! Doh!


  57. Rick

    having trouble here. Wamp icon shows up in red, nor orange or green. When I run phpmyAdmin i get Bad Request (Invalid Hostname). What on earth do I do now? PS tried switching off my firewall.


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January 26, 2009

Shane Arthur walks you through creating a local installation of WordPress, which you can use for testing or development. In this tutorial, Shane uses the Windows-based WampServer

Originally published over at YouTube

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