Setting up the Gravatar plugin for WordPress 2.7 (3/3)

21 responses on “Setting up the Gravatar plugin for WordPress 2.7 (3/3)

  1. kennafish


    Does the Gravatar work with Blogspot?



  2. imam

    Try The wordpress, it;s OK


  3. mastergrapu

    I think this is fantastic. Is there any way to tell which wordpress blog is using gravatar?


  4. Chris

    Sorry – lame video. Basically how to install a plugin…

    And there is a Gravatar settings in that big button right below where you were looking. It’s even visible on the video. Maybe a little prep time was in order?


  5. todayintech

    Thanks for the info, just added it to my sites.


  6. teamtarmac

    I don’t see Plug in’s anywhere? Not on the left side in my Dashboard etc. Any idea where it might be hidding?


    • Michael Pick

      teamtarmac – are you using or a self-hosted WordPress blog? blogs don’t support plugins, so that could be why you don’t see it


  7. Kevin

    So what’s the difference between this plug-in and the gravatar option built-in to WordPress? Or am I getting confused into thinking WordPress has gravatar-support built-in because it shows a blue gravatar icon for ‘unknown’ users?

    With regards


  8. geoffwhiteonline

    Derrick – i have a site that has the option to set up your gravatar & i did. ~ it populated everywhere i could see…Great ~
    i have since set up a site and have updated to 2.7.1 and i don’t see anyway to activate my gravatar For That Site.
    the .com site & the .org sites are Different url’s – i was able to add the plug in For Comments, but it doesn’t seem to be including the .org site/url in Showing my gravatar in the Browser bar etc?
    Please help…
    thx, Geoff


    • Michael Pick

      Geoff, it sounds like you might be looking to add a blavatar – the little version of your gravatar that appears in the corner of your browser’s address bar? I’m afraid those are on only at the moment. However, there are lots of plugins to help you achieve the same effect on a self-hosted blog. This is discussed a lot in the forums – one example here. If you run a search for “Favicon” from the plugin browser, (Plugins > Add New) that should come up with a plugin that does the job. If you have any other problems on the self hosted side, the forums are lively and there’s usually someone at hand to lend a hand.


  9. Robin

    I can’t figure out why only my gravatar (the author) only shows up, I tried this plugin but it didn’t change anything.


  10. andriycaillou

    How can I upload gravatar code in wordpess easily as when using in


  11. company4webjobs

    Thats a great discussion about the Gravatar. Could I change the site gravatar without installing the plugin. How do I do it? Thanks!



  12. Dwight Co

    testing gravatar…


  13. kang badot

    thanks for explaining it, now I can do it in my blog


  14. robbertravensbergen

    He tnx for the tut. I have a question about the tool you’re using to make this. With the neat picture in picture and zoom-in/zoom-out to the screens? What tool is it? Great stuff!


  15. mybellerosecheats

    now i get it


  16. jbooye

    Hi Derrick,
    Thanks for the tip. Random question but what software did you use to make this video?


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January 26, 2009

In the third of three videos on Gravatars, Derrick Siu of the Net Experiment explains how to add the Gravatar plugin to your self-installed WordPress blog. While Gravatar is now included in-core, the plugin offers some extra functionality.

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