PHP Cross Reference of the WordPress Source


February 4, 2009

In this tutorial Joost De Valk explains how to make use of PHP Cross Referencing of the WordPress source. As he explains in his original post: “If you’re coding in PHP a lot, PHPXref is one of the coolest tools available. It allows you to browse large portions of source code, and find where functions, variables and constants are defined and referenced.”

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5 Responses to “PHP Cross Reference of the WordPress Source”

  1. M. Douglas Wray

    Fantastic resource! Thank you Joost! These tools are growing exponentially. World domination is close at hand! :->


  2. dorianisawesome

    my hero!!


  3. Peter

    Very very nice.
    Huge time saver.
    It’s also great when so a huge amount of information is presented in way that is completely intuitive.


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