WordPress SEO & Optimization Strategies


February 4, 2009

Joost De Valk’s presentation on SEO and optimization strategies for your installation of WordPress. Check out the accompanying slides here.

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21 Responses to “WordPress SEO & Optimization Strategies”

  1. M. Douglas Wray

    “… basically I’m a git…” LOL!!!!!!!

  2. dimi

    Great resource guide!

  3. jeremyrain

    This video is not working. :(

  4. Jim Mr Idea Green

    Fantastic presentation. Packed with good info. I have three pages of notes to pursue because of this presentation.

  5. sandra t.

    Hat space??? What??

  6. Wisam Al-Rawi

    Excellent presentation. I wrote down all those plug-ins and I will make sure to research more about them and incorporate them into my blog.

  7. doesntmatter

    Hard to picture what is being spoken about when you just see the presenter and the bottom of the screen instead of the actual screen

  8. Article DIrectories

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my bookmarking. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  9. Web3

    Nice presentation. A lot of basic SEO stuff applied into WordPress…

  10. Deemo

    Uh No

    This video no longer exsits…….it was so good Online Marketeers had it taken down

  11. Zig Baird

    Awww…the video seems to be down again. After watching the slideshow, I was looking forward to watching the vid.

    Is it hosted somewhere else?

  12. Jennifer

    Does anyone know when this video will be made available again?

  13. mdinmusa

    same problem,this vedio is not working..

  14. Justyna


    cool video!! It worked for me, although some images were blurred.

    Thank you for making this seminar available to watch.

  15. justdoitandloseit

    For future reference, he could really benefit having a clip-on mike for benefits of recording purposes.

  16. LCS

    Thanks for sharing me that video..When will you add new video like that.can you please tell me

  17. e-greenbuilding

    Fantastic presentation!!!

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