One-Click Self-Installation of WordPress with DreamHost


February 9, 2009

DreamHost are one of our recommended web hosting providers. In this short video we walk you through the “one click” simple way of getting WordPress installed on your DreamHost-hosted server

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11 Responses to “One-Click Self-Installation of WordPress with DreamHost”

  1. {[(Limeboy11)]}


  2. Damon

    Very helpful information. A real time saver!

  3. Caine

    Very useful thanks

  4. arlingtonian

    thanks for posting this!

  5. Ryan

    Helpful, thank you.

  6. Archna

    Good tutorial, thanks. Could you give some info on dreamhost pricing? As far as I understand, WordPress usage is free, but does that include free hosting?

    • Ryan Markel

      No, it does not. You will still be responsible for any hosting costs if you use self-hosted WordPress. You can find more information on pricing on DreamHost’s Web site.

  7. Anita York

    I use Dreamhost and highly recommend them.

  8. TerrahMother

    What about the subdomain accounts? There is no option for easy/advanced. A tutorial would be helpful, since there is no support for this type of DreamHost account.

  9. Abhimanyu

    Brilliantly simple video. I ran around a few pillars before landing here and realized just how simple it is. You should put this video on the main documentation page at

  10. GypsyFly

    I am not able locate any of the options shown in the video. Has the DreamHost interface changed?
    I am trying to find it on panel, but no success. Please help:

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