Add a PayPal button to your self-hosted WordPress blog


February 13, 2009

If you’d like to add a PayPal donation button to the posts, pages or sidebar of your self-hosted WordPress blog, this video will show you how. users should consult the version of the video as the process is a little different

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15 Responses to “Add a PayPal button to your self-hosted WordPress blog”

  1. Dhenu

    Looks simple!…better try it on my video podcast site..Thanks!

  2. Sterling

    Thanks that was helpful

  3. Wow Keren

    Yeah, I try this way for my blog..

  4. jpmannion

    You don’t need a premium or merchant account for this…


    Thanks for the tip.

  6. Hosting Blog

    Thanks for this great tutorial, i have added this to my blog as well…

  7. Keith Davis

    So easy… when you know how.

    As ever Michael, well presented, interesting and very useful.

  8. Garry

    Looks easy. . . Do we have to have a “donate” button or can we have a BUY NOW button on

    • Ryan Markel

      The options for editing the button all reside with PayPal; you’ll have to check with the button creation utility there to find out. As mentioned in the video, you can edit the image to be anything you like, as well.

  9. Joanne

    Brilliant – just what I was hoping to find – and there is the answer. Thank you

  10. Ravi

    Good tutorial, But I would love to see more tutorials related to PayPal. Like selling some product on a WordPress powered site with PayPal gateway.

  11. Philmouss

    Thanks a lot for this helpful tuto. Great!!!

  12. Rudy Pohl

    Hi Ryan:

    I’ve just discovered your website. It’s terrific! This “how to” video on adding a PayPal donate button to a WordPress site is excellent. I will be coming back often, with coffee, to browse your treasury of teaching videos. Thanks for this.

  13. Matchmyspirit

    Hi there – thanks a MILLION for the fantastic post. a complete rookie like myself actually got it . It helped me a lot and i was able to install the donation button on my site ( ) Really appreciate it and sending you tons of blessings .

  14. Navin

    hahah thats really simple,it nt that ?
    anyway thanks for sharing

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