Getting set up with the WP e-Commerce plugin: settings and configuration

54 responses on “Getting set up with the WP e-Commerce plugin: settings and configuration

  1. Adrian

    Great tutorial! :-)


  2. Nigel Mackintosh

    I wish all plugins had a video tutorial like this!


  3. Adam Purcell

    Hey Nigel, let me know which plug-ins you wish there were tutorials for.



  4. Nyambura

    You make sound so easy… Great tutorial. I installed Crafty Cart Theme but there is no tutorial. Any ideas?


  5. Mister Peabody

    Thank you for this tutorial! I’ve been hoping for a decent WordPress e-commerce plug-in for some time.

    Since you have an English (Australian) accent, I thought I’d correct you on your usage of the English language:

    What you said: “…and presented by myself…”

    What you meant: “…and presented by ***me*** …”

    Only use “myself” if you want to say, “When I work with WordPress for many, many hours, eventually I start talking to myself.” So many people are afraid of using “me,” maybe because of a few hard-hitting teachers. Or see more correct uses of “myself” via the link below.

    More info:

    Pet Peeve Level: On the same level as double-spacing after periods on anything but an old-fashioned typewriter or while using a monospaced font.


    • wednesday

      Really Mr. P? Really? The main purpose of your comment is to correct the tutor’s English? How insufferable..


      • Danny

        That’s pretty funny, a comment to correct the tutor’s English and not the actual tutorial itself lol.

        Good spotting Wed


  6. Robert Shimield

    Followed your tutorial and set up a test site, but when I go through checkout to PayPal, PayPal asks me to input a price for the product??? ie it is not reading the price I set for the product. Can you help?


  7. tandy

    this is nice piece of software for buildup a business


  8. neal

    Any idea how to get USPS to work inside the US?


  9. cipher_zy

    Hi, Adam
    Thanks a lot for you contribution, It helps me a lot!
    Can you also make a tutorial of Are_paypal? I´d like to use it to sell my video course.


  10. Wray

    Great Tutorial… It makes e-commerce so simple to use and setup. I can’t wait to start using it.


  11. Colin

    Hi Adam,

    Best tutorial I have found so far. I have used it to set up the basics (I only have eight products – well ticket bands for a concert actually) on my local test site but am having trouble with the thumbnails. They loaded okay for the first two products, but just show as “no image” for the others! I suspect this isn’t the right forum for troubleshooting, but have looked around for an answer elsewhere and can’t find out why this is happening. Is there some kind of restriction on the free version of wp-ecommerce?


  12. SGBares

    I would love to see a step by step tutorial on how to add flash videos to my blog. I have tried 2 different plugins with no success. Also how to make the videos load quickly and play on click. Thanks for the help. You are a good teacher.


  13. Lisa-Lisa

    Hi Adam- thank you for the concise tutorial. I am selling downloadable content. Can help with the seeing up of PayPal IPN?


  14. Danny

    Hey great tutorial Adam.
    I know this will come in handy one day and can not wait to start using wordpress e-commerce plugin

    CHEERS :)


  15. woodwrangler

    To get USPS working you need to call them. It’s not the same ID as the website. Finally got mine working after doing this (copy/paste from another thread I had found)

    You actually have to call USPS web app 800 number and ask for your id to be given authorization to the development server. They are actually pretty familiar with this request when you call them and it doesn’t only take a couple minutes to be done. They will also then send you an email with the development server information.

    The ICCC is staffed from 7:00AM to 11:00PM Eastern Time.

    Telephone: 1-800-344-7779


  16. Mark

    This seems to be the only video on here not playing for me? Is that just me or has it temporarily been taken down?


  17. odedre

    great video Adam, very helpful.

    thank you


  18. Krzysztof

    What a fabulous video! This tutorial is excellent.



  19. Paul

    Two great videos Adam!
    I look forward to seeing more in the series you have planned.

    Is there any discussion about adding more payment options and
    shipping methods to this plugin?

    Also, does the WP e-commerce plugin come with full multi-language support or is that part of the future road map for this project? On of the great things about rival CMS/Shopping Cart hybrids like Drupal/Ubercart or Joomla/VirtueMart is that users can easily switch between language options.

    I am doing development work in Japan so all of those things are relevant to me right now.

    thank you.


  20. Teijo

    Many thanks to you Adam, this tutorial saves my day.

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to add more pay systems than Paypal.
    Payson is becoming popular around here so it would be great to be able
    to offer at least one more alternative for the customers.


  21. Jenny

    The tutorial is great, but there’s an ad that covers part 1/4 of the video that I can’t get rid of. It’s really a nuisance. There’s no way to close it is there? I just ended up downloading the video so I can get off this page.


  22. chandrashekhar

    Great video Adam, very helpful and easy to understand.

    thank you


  23. Kim


    This is a an awesome tutorial, and one that I had been looking for.

    I do have a question about the checkout options, about being a member or not. Does being a member allow them to up load a photo, as this is the next piece of the puzzle I am looking for. I want to sell a physical photo product so I would need an option for them to upload their photo after payment so I could make the item for them.

    Thanks so much for making this video.


  24. kurinchiblogger

    Thanks Adam. It had helped me when making the choice for an ecommerce wordpress plugin.


  25. Jessica

    Hi Adam,
    Thanks for the video! I have a very important question: Do I HAVE to purchase the Gold Cart in order to get my wp ecommerce to function properly? I have installed the free version on to my site but I cannot get the checkout page to launch. Is this because i have not purchased the Gold Cart module?

    Thanks so much,


  26. magcrossin

    Thanks, it was a great help!


  27. khiang

    thanks all great jobs, if every plugins have video like this, it will be easier to all thing .. :)


  28. zplits | what's the latest?

    Thank you so much for this simple yet very informative video. Now, i know how to configure the settings of wp e-commerce for my client’s site.

    Thank you very much, more power
    God bless. Hoping to see more excellent video tutorials such as how to style a product display page of wp e-commerce.


  29. Flashdaddy

    Hey Adam,
    I have a client who is based in Florida who needs to be able to allow buyers to select the county they are from for tax purposes and then for that county’s sales surtax to be added to the price of the product.

    Of course I don’t mind purchasing the right product for the job, but I would like to know if you know if the wp-e-commerce plugin has this feature or if there are addons I can purchase in order to get this feature.



  30. docfox

    Great tutorial Adam, right to the point to help get set up and going in less than an hour.

    Thanks for your time and effort.


  31. Rhonda

    Excellent tutorial and well presented. I especially like the fact that you went over each screen and the settings. I have used Paypal buttons within WP and it provides reports, etc. like the WP eCommerce. Is there a tutorial for how to add the products or the most efficient way to utilize the shopping cart? Like what the shopping cart’s relationship is to PayPal and to WordPress. It would help in making an educated decision from amongst all the eCommerce choices out there.

    I will keep looking for more of your tutorials.


  32. Adam Purcell

    Thanks Rhonda. If you contact me through my website, I can show you a few more tutorials on WP E-Commerce that aren’t available here.


  33. Roger

    Really new to this! I have started setting up a free wp blog/web pages.

    Can the e-commerce plug-in only be used with a set-up? ie. downloading the wp software etc? Sorry if this is a dumb question!


  34. Wrap Around UF

    Hi, we’re two girls from sweden that are trying to do a webshop in WP. In the beginning of your tutorial you have “hide add to cart button” and so on. (I hope you know what we’re talking about) but why don’t we have that buttons? Where can we find it??
    Please help us, ur great!


  35. Kris Nicola

    I would REALLY love it if I could get this plugin to work correctly! Is it compatible with WP 2.9? Specifically having issues with the shipping calculations and Google/Paypal gateways. Help?!


  36. Bob Haan

    What an awesome tutorial. Do you know of a good reservation system plug-in (for renting equipment or cars) for WordPress that will tie in with the WP e-commerce plug-in? Thank you for your help, and for the awesome tutorial.


  37. Blogington

    Thanks for the great tutorial! Cleared things up nicely.


  38. Ryan

    Good tut. I’m fully set up and ready to go. One question – hope someone’s got the answer – when I’m logged into wp, working on my site and I view site – the checkout widget works, but when I’m logged out it doesn’t seem to link up?


  39. MisterM

    Answers a lot of questions you might not think you would ask until you’ve scratched your head bald.


  40. Roger

    Good video that covers all the basics


  41. Knikky224

    Thank you so much for sharing! This tutorial saved me a lot of time to figure it all out by myself! Thanx!


  42. Timinator

    Great tutorial and great plugin.

    I’m using UPS shipping calculator.

    Does anyone know how to add a separate handling charge per order?
    I want to add $10 per order handling charge in addition to UPS shipping costs and independent of product costs (since the $10 is a flat fee regardless of how many products are purchased.)


  43. eric

    Hi, I’d like to know how about the security of this eCommerce? I’ve been using WP for deploying sites and all of them are personal, there are some for business but not requiring a cc payment. And for cc payment I use Magento. So I’ve seen this tutorial and I would like to shift from Magento to WP eCommerce because I don’t want to pay, but I am not so sure how secured this plugin is.


  44. Jerrica

    Great tutorial!
    The newest version 3.7.7 is a bit different…adding a product seemed straighforward, but when I thought I had completed the form and selected “add new product” at the end…my product was nowhere to be found…any tutorials (even if for the older version) around? I can’t seem to find any…


  45. Pelechess

    This is such a great video, thank you for that. But I have a problem. Even though I have the e-commerce plug in, I do not have the language option in settings. Do you have any idea about the reason? Or if not, can you tell which version of wordpress did you use in this video?


  46. Elaine

    Hi Adam, please can you advise if you were using the Gold Cart in your video presentation? We are currently building a shop in our new website and so far have only downloaded the free e-commerce plugin. I know nothing about php etc so I have struggled a little and finding your video was a great help, as I seem to have done most things corrently, albiet by trail and error.

    Two major items I need help with – I have set up a couple more Form Sets for the checkout as we need to get additional information from our members. There does not appear to be any way to select a unique name apart from what is displayed on the drop down list.

    I would like to be able to see these additional check out fields on the purchaser email, but currently they are not and I could not find how to get the tags you mention in the email settings on the Admin page. I noticed in your video that there is an additional column headed “display in Log” on the checkout page, which is why I asked if you were demonstrating on the gold version. Otherwise if I could email a copy of the order form to our membership secretary from the Sales Dashboard that would also work as the fields show there, but do not get emailed either to customer or purchaser.

    The new website we are currently working in, which is not yet live is I am only dealing with the shop, our webmaster is building the rest, but hasn’t dealt with e-commerce before.

    If these items can be resolved simply by purchasing the gold cart, please advise, but our webmaster has read that problems have been encountered and is a little worried about rocking the boat as we have very little time left before we launch the new website.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give me as I know you must be very busy.


  47. Hugo Santos

    I install WP e-Commerce Plugin but the Purchase Log Email dont work?!
    any suggestion?
    And the “client” receive 4 mail any purchase he does!

    (sorry the English but i’m Portuguese)


  48. David Hughes

    Dissapointed that the most important area, that of linking the plugin to a payment provider was glossed over. All the other stuff is useless if you can’t take the money from people. An example using Pay Pal Express for instance would have been useful as its a popular payment option.


  49. Gavin

    Thanks a million. Very helpful… was having problems finding the transaction and account pages at 10:14 … MUCHAS GRACIAS


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March 16, 2009

In this tutorial Adam Purcell of Hungry Dog Media walks you through the process of getting set up with the WP e-Commerce plugin

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