Using the Query Posts Widget Plugin – Video Overview Tutorial

8 responses on “Using the Query Posts Widget Plugin – Video Overview Tutorial

  1. alin

    Hey Adam,
    I`ve downloaded that widget but I cant seem to make it display the full content of posts when I click the category they belong to. Thks


  2. Vicente

    Fantastico video tutorial! I did not know very well how the plugin would act on my site but now I’m sure its useful .. thank you very much!


  3. Kevin

    Cant seem to make it list any posts, tried everything, keeps saying nothing to display. Strange, now if only the built in latest posts would work, like 25 posts and not stop at 15 I wouldnt need this plug in. But it doesnt work at all. Maybe its because Im using 3.01 .. Hmmm.


  4. Kevin

    Ok, figured it out. Do not touch the “post_mime_type” something about .jpg and stuff. There is no way to uncheck it. Have to uninstall and reinstall. Works great long as you dont touch it at all. Still wished the built latest posts would work past 15, it has the option, but doesnt work.


  5. Miron

    Hi I had the same problem like “Kevin” and I had also to reinstall everything. Remember to do not touch “post_mime_type” :)


  6. Matth

    ‘twould be awesome if this could be used for pages and not just in the sidebar. It seems like there should be a way.

    Anyway, I’m glad to know this exists; I can definitely envision uses for it.


  7. MysteryE


    Thanks Kevin, I got the same problem and your solution is the answer that I need!


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March 17, 2009

In this video tutorial Adam W. Warner of WP Modder walks you through an overview of Justin Tadlock‘s Query Posts Widget – a versatile way to “display posts by nearly any criteria you can imagine using the query_posts() function, except you don’t need to know anything about PHP to use it”

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