WordCamp Egypt 2009: Write Your First WordPress Plugin Session

12 responses on “WordCamp Egypt 2009: Write Your First WordPress Plugin Session

  1. BooDy

    fantastic!! :D


  2. sayed fat7y

    i like it :)


  3. bingorabbit

    Thanks a lot guys :), I’m really proud:)


  4. DeeJay

    Awwwww…. Where’s the English translation? Comin’ soon, I hope! I wanna wrap my brain around this, too. Hot stuff!

    Peace and Love,


  5. T3V4

    Good work bingo.

    A nice session :)


  6. MMF

    well done Bingo
    It was a very good session .


  7. bingorabbit

    Thanks a lot guys, we really should consider the english translation in our minds, I wonder if the video player support such thing, I’m gonna contact WordPress.tv administrator and see.


    • Michael Pick

      At the moment we don’t. We’re looking into built-in subtitling as I write this. In the meantime, we have a collection of WordPress videos at dotSUB.com – it’s a great place to add your video and quickly create subtitles for it online.


  8. bingorabbit

    @Michael: Yes, that what I have realized, thanks for your help, I will see what can be done regarding this :)


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April 8, 2009

In this session from WordCamp Egypt 2009 Ibrahim Abdel Fattah Mohamed discusses how a developer can start working on his or her own WordPress Plugin. It also discusses ways one can contribute to the WordPress Development Process.

Video by CATReloaded

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