Introducing VideoPress for WordPress

68 responses on “Introducing VideoPress for WordPress

  1. Francis Panganiban

    Awesome! Is there a possibility that this feature will soon be plugin? Millions of other users need this!


  2. DaveZatz

    I wish saw these same kinds of cool features. Or that offered more control/customization for hosted accounts. I told Matt I’d rather give him $40/mo than MediaTemple.:/


  3. Nutronic

    Can we add a watermark to the video too?


  4. maranr

    I cant seem to find where you can subscribe to this service if you have a self-hosted blog.


  5. littleoslo

    amazing, does it mean it is time to get rid of youtube on our wp blog?


  6. MartinTSI

    This looks like really neat – I’m going to have to give VideoPress a go.


  7. Amyth

    This feature is tempting me to shift from to!


  8. Dave Delaney

    @Nutronic. You should use Cam Twist, you can add it there. You then run the Cam Twist first, before hitting record.

    Hope that helps.


  9. adsimple

    Looks very cool! thanks mate!


  10. Lisa Bennett from Kaltura blogs might want to check out Kaltura’s open source video plugin:


  11. GSAdvRdr

    What is the advantage of using this over say, You Tube to host and then play videos from within my hosted .org blog?

    thanks –


  12. omeany2

    Seems to me what would be helpful and simple is a plug-in that allows users to add video/embed from the interface on a self-hosted WP, but is actually is uploading to a account with the video upgrade. That way you wouldn’t have to go back and forth between the two to manage your videos.

    Know of anything like that available yet?


  13. Gavin

    I like the idea of being able to put HD videos on WordPress blogs. This is a really great idea. Being open source makes it even better – I’m sure people will be building on the capability of this ‘upgrade’ to do even more cool stuff.


  14. Charles

    I couldn’t play/tolerate your video because of the buffering pauses. I only have Extended DSL (500kbps download) If you’re really savvy, you would tweak your video for a wider audience. That is possible, you know. DSL is the very best I can get where I live (I’ve had Hughes net sattelite and their ‘fair use policy proved unacceptable to me, especially in light of what I was paying them for my small business).

    Of course, if you only want to address users with very high speed internet, then I would appreciate an up front announcement to that so as to save me time and bother with YOU.


  15. En Soph

    Is this real streaming type or progressive download type?


  16. fixator

    I am using this…was one of the lucky ones who got the year for free..and I must say…brilliant! The coversion time is quicker than that of vimeos plus, which I am a member of! Good job people! Absolutely worth it…would rather have paid here than..well..there!


  17. Jubba

    About time, this should be good it’s important for wordpress to have their own media player, now its the most popular open source, and its important to have good video streamers and even audio, cant still believe they don’t have proper MP3 player.

    come on guys, what about the music lovers, not everyone is good at writing essays of BS on blogs.


  18. shawn

    I am glad to see wordpress finally, and I mean finally thinking about video. I’ve spent the last number of months really torn about whether or not to actually launch my mu network.

    At first I was going to use my socialmedia setup as it’s video converting system is fantastic. However the blog portion sucks.

    Then I found wpmu and for obvious reasons I like the blogging aspect better than any other software avail.

    I just don’t understand how a husband wife team of two can put together a complete video/audio/photo system utilizing streaming servers, and video conversion, yet a company the size of automatic can’t.

    Anyhow, I hope to see this plugin made available. There are a number of us out there with dedicated video conversion servers as well as flashcomm clusters for true streaming.

    Thanks for finally getting around to media with wordpress.



  19. Steve

    Hailin – wonderful! This is just what I’ve been looking for. Do you have an approximate timescale for when it could be available for self-hosted users? I mean, to the nearest month?


  20. WebmasterScripts

    upload your files they host it not us


  21. missjava

    wow..m so pleased with that..
    thanks ..


  22. Matt Cheney


    What program did you use for the screen cap? The text is so amazingly sharp!

    Thanks for putting this together. Fantastic!


    • Michael Pick

      Thanks! I record the screen with Screenflow; animate text and anything else in After Effects; and edit with Final Cut Pro. Hope that helps!


  23. En Soph

    How can I remove or change W watermark logo from player?


  24. mike

    niiiice… will be interesting to see how this stacks up against down the road. love the lil jazz touch though. brings memories of good ol’ classic wordpress =)


  25. hostitplanet

    Great find. Its going to great.. One thing is for sure..Bandwidth will become a factor for many small companies is hosting cost may soar or this could also keep the wanna be hoster at bay.
    Anyway, I think its just another cherry on top for wordpress!
    Keep up the great work.. now its time to prevail..


  26. nourino

    can i ve an rss playlist with videpress?


  27. spinshot

    Streaming HD has been the holy grail of video on the internet. The only one I have seen done right are the HD streams at (watching LOST episodes). Custom s/w and dedicated servers and network means a costly solution (to have a real stream, not a buffered download). I was excited to see videopress, but it looks like the HD bandwidth is not there. We have broadband at the office and the stream did not adapt to the bandwidth. I went to and tried one of their HD episodes and it played nicely.


  28. tommyl

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with Videopress customer support. I tried last week and have heard nothing.


  29. mrdwpman

    i still can’t figure this out. installed the plug in. no information about how to upload the videos? any help or a how to video?


  30. David

    Nice plugin!! Not sure I want to spend $59.97 just yet but the player is very cool.

    Be nice if they offered 1 video for FREE, at least we could test it out and try it before we spend 59 bucks. If I could test it with one video or screencast and I liked what I saw, I would probably purchase it right away.

    I’ll stick to using the JW player for now.


  31. steve

    If this video is any indication of smooth play, I think it needs lots of work , cause this video isn’t exactly playing smoothly right now . Its stopping and going so much its difficult to even know what this guy is trying to explain.


  32. Randall Slagle

    Wow, I didn’t know this feature was a possibility with WordPress. I’m gonna seriously consider adding it to my WordPress Blog. I wish the plugin price was a little more appealing…$60 isn’t what I wanted, but hey, if it does what it appears to, then it will be a $60 well spent. Thanks for posting the VideoPress clip. Gives me something to think about.


  33. WOW

    Great new stuff for our wordpress blogs. Thanks for sharing.


  34. videolar

    Thanks mate , looks nice


  35. actualjobs

    When are you going to make it effecient enough of a stream that a dsl user can stream even the medium quality video? Right now if you have a dsl connection only the lowest quality 400px wide version of the video will stream without interruptions.


  36. Adam

    How do you add ‘description’, ‘flavor’, ‘date’, ‘categories’ to the videopress videos like on


    • Ryan Markel

      We actually use a set of custom taxonomies and attach that information to the “post” of the video. You could accomplish much the same thing on a installation, but not on a installation with some quick code.


  37. Erny Saenz

    Hi, Can i subscribe in iTunes on a blog, taking videopress?


    • Ryan Markel

      By pasting the RSS feed URL into iTunes, you can indeed subscribe to a blog using VideoPress. Just locate the feed by looking for the “RSS” link on the page, using the RSS icon in your browser’s address bar (most modern browsers do this), or viewing the source of the site’s home page. Then, go to iTunes and go to Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast. Paste in the URL for the feed and click OK.

      The feed should show up in your list of podcasts and it should begin downloading the most recent shows/videos according to your subscription settings.


  38. Paul Firmin

    This is a good idea but… its only at 720p from what I gather from thr promo video above so not the best HD but close. I do think its a shame that you HAVE to host the videos with WordPress and cant just use the plugin fully on your own server, I dont see the point of paying all that money when its not the only service for wordpress that does video. Its a good start but I think I will wait till its either a full plugin thats free or is better than other options already avalible free.
    Keep it up guys


  39. Tim

    Is a user able to use the plug-in on multiple owned sites via one purchase, or would purchases need to be made for each site?


    • Ryan Markel

      VideoPress is purchased on a per-site basis on If you are using it on external blogs, you would need to purchase it for one username, and then you can use it on any number of self-hosted WordPress blogs, however.


  40. spotonpictures

    I have my video stored on a blog, and I embed it on a self hosted wp blog.

    Why can’t I get rid of the embed option when I post to my self hosted blog?
    I don’t want to share it with the public, just myself.😉


    • Ryan Markel

      Currently, the embed code is all-or-nothing: if you turn it on to embed it on your own self-hosted site, you can’t turn it off. We’re working on an update to give you an option to do what you ask here.


  41. tpschools

    @Yoav: The link is dead for the VideoPress Server plugin. I couldn’t even find it while searching either.

    Any idea on when we’ll be able to host our own videos?


  42. Blogwarta.Com

    Great new stuff for our wordpress blogs. Thanks for sharing..


  43. Manu

    If other users embed my videos, is my web site credited for the viewer in stats and by Google ads etc…?


    • Ryan Markel

      No; but VideoPress does provide video stats using stats so you can track how many people are viewing them and where the video has been embedded. You can also disable embedding of your videos on other sites using VideoPress’ easy settings if you wish.


  44. ijoedigital

    Can you post videos in a sidebar so they can be a thumbnail look and then click and play over the page? Like a shadowbox type thing?


  45. Jon

    Hi Ryen – can you (or anyone) recommend an optimal setting for exporting from Final Cut Pro in preparation for ingestion into VideoPress?


    • Michael Pick

      Your best bet would be h.264 (MP4, or MOV), as VideoPress will crunch into MP4 anyway (along with an OGG copy for the browsers that don’t like MP4). In FCP/Compressor, the YouTube droplet does a pretty good job, as will the various MP4, optimized for streaming droplets. VideoPress tops off at 1280×720, so its worth taking any 16:9 footage you have higher than that (1920×1080) for instance, and bringing it down in size to save some bandwidth. You’ll want to keep your bitrates reasonable to avoid choking less powerful machines or less than stellar connections.


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May 13, 2009

VideoPress is a one-click upgrade that allows you to create streaming high definition videos on your blog, or anywhere on the web. You can even create an instant video podcast right from your blog feed.

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