Installing the Viper’s Video QuickTags Plugin

5 responses on “Installing the Viper’s Video QuickTags Plugin

  1. Alex (Viper007Bond)

    You got the plugin name wrong in your audio, but hey, it is a bit of a poor name. ;)

    Regardless though, a well done little guide. Thanks much for reviewing my plugin!


  2. spencerjamesd

    hey,how did you get those things in add new post like what ever that color thing was. or who bla bla just tell me how to this awesome stuff. plaese


  3. Adria Richards,


    Doh! Sorry about that. I know you’re identifying it first (Viper’s) and then it’s function (Video Quicktags).

    Congrats on your admin bar being integrated into 2.7!

    I’m making a slew of videos now that I have a widescreen HD monitor so I will make a 2.8 version for Viper’s Video QuickTags. Sound like a plan?


  4. Akashiya Moka

    I’ve free wordpress blog, this video works for my free blog, or not?


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June 18, 2009

In this short video Adria Richards talks you through installing and using Viper’s Video QuickTags plugin to enhance the experience of using video on your self-hosted WordPress blog

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