Introducing Gravatar: Your Globally Recognized Avatar


July 26, 2009

This short introductory video introduces the concept behind and quick-start setup of Gravatar – a free service designed to make your life easier, by associating a free-floating avatar with one or more of your email addresses. Get your own Gravatar via your profile page, or

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38 Responses to “Introducing Gravatar: Your Globally Recognized Avatar”

  1. Jeffro

    Great introduction and overview. What we need is for more of the web to support this service as I’m still finding myself manually adding my avatar to all sorts of different sites and forums. Would be great to one day say that Gravatar is living up to its name as globally recognized.

    Michael, you know how to put on a show :)

    • Ryan Markel

      Of course, if you’d like to see more sites add support for Gravatars, feel free to suggest to your favorite sites that they look into the idea and add the functionality.

  2. microk

    is very good video.

  3. Thomas Clausen

    Nice intro.

    It would be fantastic to be able to track people with Gravatar. I would love to see an rss-feed of all the sites where I have written comments (which were Gravatar-enabled).

    Maybe even getting an the opportunity to see if there was follow-up comments to the comments I’ve written on the web. Because I always tend to forget the places I write them :-)

  4. elias ivarsson

    Very interesting stuff.

  5. 200ben1

    Nice its a very good vid

  6. archondigital

    Nice video.

    Me and some of my friends are promoting the use of Gravatar on our websites as we do agree with the concept of what it’s for and it would be great to see this become something really big.

  7. dessy

    Wow, the video is great. How did you do that?

  8. Ravi Moosad


  9. Luz

    I would like to see gravatar merge/replace the OpenID logins

  10. blueskycoaching

    Great video – well explained

  11. Michael Pick

    Thanks for all the feedback!

  12. cvsdsdfsdfsdf

    Errrm… okay, that video was more of an infomercial. Let’s face it: Gravatar is just another webbug. A cleverly implemented one, but still, a webbug. I won’t use it.

  13. richard

    nice one!

  14. @JhonnJairo

    This its so cool :D

  15. omarm

    Nice its a very good video…haha thanks

  16. Breezy

    Simple, yet fun and briefly explains very well. Love the opening graphics.

  17. abm2009

    Wow, very informative and educational. congratulations for coming out with such presentation.

  18. imax

    Simple, yet fun and briefly explains very well. Love the opening graphics
    Thanks for all the feedback!

  19. Yohanes R. Gagahlin

    Thank you for the explanation. It’s very educating.

  20. cdinorg

    Your “Gravatar the Movie” link totally humorized me. Just HAD to click on such inviting 3 words.

    Imagine that – a grand MOVIE about gravatars – love it. I can see myself creating short videos about my blogs and sites and calling them,

    “Cdin-x the MOVIE” – HILARIOUS.

    I thought your idea so entertaining that will embed. You gave me a laugh and a smile, and that’s worth a ton.

    Didn’t know Gravatar as a webbug, but these days everything we do is connected to an IP, perhaps rightly so.

    Anyway, Gravatar makes my life easier. : )

    PS: What accent is that? Nice. : )

  21. Hisham

    Aha, interesting!

  22. bryanplymale

    we’ll see… i like the concept

  23. sonyahart24

    very informative!

  24. Giovanni Hale

    Great job on this video. I am glad someone explained it nice and simple.

  25. mike viscara

    Wow, brilliant!!

  26. mlabocki

    Good intro video… Thanks!

  27. caedsspot

    Thanks that helped a lot.

  28. mistercowpinoy

    I just suggested it to the admin of a forum I frequent.

  29. Karen

    Great video. Thanks

  30. tss9196

    Lol this is a great vid!!!!!

  31. sxe

    Thanks that helped a lot.

  32. billytaylor411


    Fantastic concept, so easy to use… How do we get more Blog/Review sites to embrace this kind of LOVIN???

    Keep up the good work Michael.

  33. ooadsoo

    oh I absolutely love this

  34. Gus

    Great idea, love to see every site on the net implement this.

  35. Wizard

    Good video but the Gravatar doesn’t work on WordPress. All that comes up on the posts are a small red x in a wide box – the Gravatar doesn’t show up and yet the Gravatar shows up in all kinds of other places I visit the web.

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