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8 responses on “The RSS Widget for

  1. aimanzul

    how do you get to that RSS page in the first place? might be a silly question to you BUT I just made a blog so i need to know. thank you.


  2. The LSA

    Is it possible to run multiple rss feeds through the widget to get the most recent content from a number of sources?


  3. Brent

    Try using Yahoo Pipes to aggregate different RSS feeds into one new, combined feed. It’s pretty slick.


  4. petchary

    I don’t understand what an RSS feed is!! Sorry to seem so ignorant. Is the URL for my blog, or someone else’s?
    I need RSS for dummies, sorry!
    My blog is and I found the widget but don’t know what the URL should be, or…?
    Help please!!


  5. neil cooper

    re. michael pick.
    absolutely spot on thanks


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August 3, 2009

The RSS Widget makes adding updates from any RSS feed to the sidebar of your blog simple. To learn more about it check out our support video.

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