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September 9, 2009

Automattic announces the arrival of a new feature to contextual spell and grammar checking from After the Deadline.

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36 Responses to “After the Deadline: Proofreading for”

  1. Halim KILIC

    Grammar is useful for SEO ( i think )

  2. Peter Gitundu

    Search engines do not like spelling mistakes. You do not look good to your readers if you have lots of mistakes. Personally, i have to proofread every paragraph as i write

  3. bob ravey

    This is really good

  4. GinaPocan

    It was painful to watch, cause it flowed so slow, but i do’t blame the site for it, I blame my network. It would have been a great asset, but unfortunely I didn’t have the pleasure to hear the narrator.

  5. tishasewingstudio

    That was wonderul!!! Thanks

  6. ksvenkataraman

    This is great help. We can also make it faster.

  7. ProjectH2O

    This is a great feature. and I would be more than willing to help out anyone who would like to work on a Japanese or Chinese version.

  8. jenny

    this is really useful

  9. Vagrant


  10. Elizabeth

    Thanks, this will be so helpful.

  11. Bill Gram-Reefer

    Will this be available as plugin for self-hosted WP installs or become embedded within some update soon?

  12. dan

    I enjoy your useful presentations.
    P.S. the elevator background music is an unnecessary, annoying distraction.

  13. Yanko B. Antivilo


  14. Susan Essien Etok

    Great stuff!!

  15. Adam Haney

    Wow, that is going to save me so much embarrassment

  16. peju1


  17. Alex Leonard

    Great work! I’ve gone ahead and installed it straight away on my self-hosted blog and I’m really impressed. It almost makes me want to write more :)

  18. legacymartialartsstudio

    really cool

  19. denotchka

    I may check that out,but I need to get some thing fixed first. I’m using somebody else’s computer right now.

  20. ashek ullah

    I am a new comer, so; late me to observe.
    Thank you .
    With best regards.
    ashek ullak

  21. islandgirl88

    I think this is great!

    Thank you,

  22. Nishit Soni

    This is really great feature!!!

    Nishit Soni

  23. Jay

    I still don’t get why “passive voice” gets flagged so much.

  24. Brendan

    Am new to this so looks helpful

  25. JEN

    This one will prop me up on the pedestal, and spread a net for me if I slip off.

  26. Len

    Great stuff, I love Word Press. Its like having building blocks for the internet.
    Thanks guys.

  27. Leif Andersen

    Can someone explain to me why when you download the plugin, you’re not actually getting the software, just an interface to it? (I don’t mind, I’m just wondering what the reasoning behind this is). Thanks.

    • Ryan Markel

      To make After the Deadline smarter, a lot (really, a *lot*) of data is collected. AtD works by using contexts and detailed language models.

      It’s far easier and more effective for AtD to store that information and provide it to you as a service.

  28. Amyth

    The proof-reader feature rocks!

    But, the Visual Guides are absolutely amazing! .. Good show! :)

  29. Free Blogs

    I think I really need it. Is it WPMU Supported ?

  30. alan

    No need for this since modern browser got this already implemented !

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