October 5, 2009

Do you know more than one language? Would you like to help make a difference for other WordPress users who visit

This video is an overview of the process for entering new translations of subtitles. These translations are community-powered. To sign up and begin assisting us, visit dotSUB, sign up for an account, and check out the collection.

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11 Responses to “Translating”

  1. YanXerip

    Nice idea to share this concept… i will do for my proyek at campus.. Good job… love it blog

  2. dodishopgigacenter

    Interessante……….but I don’t understand English!!!!!!!


    Another great feature will benefit non-English speakers.

  4. mohamadagus

    it will be much more helpful if you have it in bahasa indonesia too

  5. teacher

    I´d like to translate into English some videos dealing with business English. Is that possible?

    • Ryan Markel

      That would depend on the videos and where they were coming from. Give dotSUB a look at the link above and see what they have or how you can use the service to do so.

  6. Maigret

    Great explanation ! I need to try this. ;)

  7. Raphaël

    dotSUB is really a good service. Nice to see WordPress using it.

  8. niyata

    @Maigret Great explanation ! I need to try this.

  9. latinadiva48

    This is good, I would like to translate in spanish for all those spanish speaking that doen’t read English.

  10. Wptheme

    This is awesome ! I will contribute to translate some stuff in french :)

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