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October 28, 2009

This video gives you a brief introduction and how-to for the Image Widget, available on all accounts.

A Support page detailing the widget is also available here.

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13 Responses to “The Image Widget for”

  1. ileaneb

    I have been using this widget for my twitter link. I love it. Thanks for the tip about finding the url of images in Flickr.

  2. scribu

    For theres a plugin: Image Widget.

  3. Tom Wilkowske

    Wondering if this image widget is available for websites running wordpress as their CMS/architecture.

  4. elizabeth

    I do not have image widget, how do I get one?

  5. harrietschwartz14

    Can I upload an image that does not have a URL but is stored on my computer?

  6. harrietschwartz14

    Is there a different widget that will allow me to simply upload photos from my computer?

  7. malabona

    very nice

  8. hendelar

    Hi – the widget will maintain a static location unless it gets usurped by another widget. It’d be great to be able to anchor an image in the sidebar so that it remained aligned with its relevant post.

  9. jakub

    Hi I was wondering if there is a widget that can rotate images. The best will be one, which could publish eg.3 photos from for example 20 and rotate them

  10. warren4321

    I can say this is a cool widget which will be love by many wordpress users.

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