John Hawkins: Building Your First Plugin


November 14, 2009

John Hawkins’ introduction to writing a plugin, with a real-world example showing how to create a plugin with an options page, shortcodes and a dashboard widget.

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WordCamp New York 2009 29


John Hawkins 13


Beginner 38
development 164
Plugins 105


English 1850

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5 Responses to “John Hawkins: Building Your First Plugin”

  1. Brad

    Thanks for making the video, wish the camera angle was better on the screen. Where is the demo code at?

  2. Nova

    Interesting, but the audio quality very low. Hardly hear what he said.

  3. michael

    The videos are totally jagged and not understandable.

    Any help?

  4. catalonia travel

    Nice video, I’d like to get into making plugins but as Nova said the quality of the audio was a bit poor. Thanks anyway.

  5. Juan

    You can find the code over here

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