Boone Gorges: Making BuddyPress Do Thy Bidding


January 23, 2010

Boone Gorges talks about the structure of BuddyPress and how the parts work together. He demonstrates a few examples of how you can use plugins, config files, and child themes to make BuddyPress work for your unique and freakish purposes.

Special thanks to the Microsoft NERD Center for hosting WordCamp Boston.

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WordCamp Boston 2010 15


Boone Gorges 9


BuddyPress 34
community 40
development 164
social 6
Themes 93


English 1852

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4 Responses to “Boone Gorges: Making BuddyPress Do Thy Bidding”

  1. Pentti Harinen


    Very, very nice!

    dear Pentti

  2. Ari Salomon

    excellent presentation. I’m in the thick of it now with BP and this helped alot.

  3. ileaneb

    This is great. I referred this to the owner of the BuddyPress called Blogging Wire so he can make some tweaks. Thanks!

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