Brad Williams: Lock it Up

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  1. pcgs51

    At 7:50 (timestamp) in this video, we are instructed to create a new administrator ID, log out and log back in as the new administrator user, remove the original ‘admin” ID, and set the new user ID to display a friendly name (firstname lastname).

    I did that and noticed that even when logged out and viewing pages as any visitor would, that if I click on the friendly name displayed, I see

    Author Archive for:

    If the new user name can still be viewed on my site by any visitor doesn’t that defeat the whole exercise of removing the ‘admin’ ID in the first place?

    I’m new to all this and just wondering. Thanks.


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January 23, 2010

Learn how to keep your WordPress-powered website secure from hackers and exploits. Brad Williams from shows examples of hacked sites, shares tips and plugins for keeping WordPress secure, and talks about his experiences with WordPress and security.

Special thanks to the Microsoft NERD Center for hosting WordCamp Boston.

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