Jim Doran: jQuery in WordPress


January 23, 2010

jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript framework that’s extremely popular with Web designers and developers. Jim Doran presents an overview of jQuery and how to start using it, including a case study that uses jQuery with a new, homemade WP theme and layout techniques, animation effects, DOM manipulation and AJAX/JSON.

Special thanks to the Microsoft NERD Center for hosting WordCamp Boston.

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3 Responses to “Jim Doran: jQuery in WordPress”

  1. Greg Rickaby


    I use jQuery on a regular basis while developing client sites, so I thought I had this all figured out. Your presentation showed me several things I didn’t know and reinforced what I already did.

    Great presentation, and it was the perfect speed. You didn’t dwell, so I was able to watch the entire thing without getting bored :)


  2. tristan spill

    Are the slides available on slideshare? Some of the code examples do not show up in the video, especially the red text.

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