Rob Larsen: HTML 5


January 23, 2010

Rob Larsen shows you how to create cross-browser, HTML5 enhanced WordPress themes using nothing more than a little extra JavaScript, basic WordPress knowledge and some knowledge of the new elements.

Special thanks to the Microsoft NERD Center for hosting WordCamp Boston.

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7 Responses to “Rob Larsen: HTML 5”

  1. Zach

    great video! html 5 has got some great stuff

  2. Dustin

    Very cool. Thanks!

  3. Joly MacFie

    Link to the slides, the code?

  4. Joly MacFie
  5. sultan

    Hey cool, reminds me of the DHTML times!

  6. Geoffry Gertz

    Great overview of HTML 5 and it’s relationship to WordPress. Thank you for the notes.

  7. pundit

    Thank you, this was a great talk. I am now rushing off to start the process of migrating my journal to HTML5!

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