Matt Mullenweg: WPNight Interview


April 2, 2010

Matt Mullenweg of Automattic talks about WordPress 3.0, the future of WordPress, and the many uses of WordPress in this interview with the hosts of WPGirls.

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4 Responses to “Matt Mullenweg: WPNight Interview”

  1. Hank

    What make/model is that chair?

  2. Tesa

    Looks really nice! Hope you all enjoy the Q&A interview with Matt from our WPNight in Stockholm Sweden the 25th of march. PPL have asked me the name of our moderator her name is Heidi Wold and you can find her on twitter as @heidiupdate.


    Twitter: @tesas

  3. hakre

    Hilarious, thanks for posting this. Nice style interviewing, I enjoyed it.

  4. Alex

    Very nice interview with the wpgirls. :)

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