Shayne Sanderson: Editing PHP and CSS for Beginners


September 18, 2010


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8 Responses to “Shayne Sanderson: Editing PHP and CSS for Beginners”

  1. JaggerMafia

    Great stuff! Shayne is the man!

  2. Dean Grimm

    Is there a video here? If so, how would one view same?

    • Michael Pick

      There is. If you’re having trouble viewing it, you may want to make sure that your browser settings aren’t blocking flash/javascript. Alternatively, you can download or view any of our videos via our Miro Channel or by copying this url into the iTunes “subscribe to a podcast feed” menu:

  3. Jaume Sala

    Thank you Shayne. Cool style talking.

  4. MarkM

    Great talk.
    For all I understand of PHP it may as well have been written in Mandarin (I’m English and understand no Mandarin), but now I at least have a bit more of an understanding…a bit.
    Php is still a massive subject, and a little scary, but this is a great video for helping you dig in and have a go.
    Good job Shayne, appreciate it.

  5. Jeff Kahn

    This would be much more helpful if the code-screen-images were legible.

  6. Laveena Suri

    Great! Very helpful…Thanks

  7. ARCH3D

    Great video! A little fuzzy visually but still excellent job, and thank you Shayne!

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