Joost de Valk: Making sure your content is found


October 2, 2010


WordCamp Bulgaria 2010 12


Joost de Valk 4


Plugins 105
SEO 52
Sofia 6
WordCamp Bulgaria 2010 6


English 1860

MP4: Low, Med
OGG: Low
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4 Responses to “Joost de Valk: Making sure your content is found”

  1. Jos

    Great presentation Joost. Love your newsletter too. A petty that the video syops loading after 21:35: I will come back to see the rest.

  2. Gustavo A Viera CPA

    Excellent and funny content. Audio was hard to hear. But over all, great stuff.

  3. Ryan Hellyer

    Wow, a presentation about SEO which doesn’t suck! Quite amazing really.

    Thanks for the great presentation Joast :)

  4. Lorrie Craven

    Joost, you gave a very informative class, it seemed like I’ve been using bits and pieces of creating a well functioning website, however you pulled it all together for me and the one thing that REALLY stood out was the first 140 charaters and their true importance to my content articles. Thanks, Lorrie

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