Chelsea Otakan: WordPress No-Duhs


October 23, 2010


WordCamp Las Vegas 2010 10


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8 Responses to “Chelsea Otakan: WordPress No-Duhs”

  1. Larry Tilis

    Very helpful. Easy to follow.

  2. Destination Infinity

    There is one request – Not all people across the world have fast Internet connections and mine breaks every fifteen minutes! So, when I start loading the video and when the net connection breaks, the video no longer loads after that point! Hence I request you to also have an option of giving videos in say 4-5 parts of 10 minutes each (max), so that it would be easier for us to view the entire video.

    • Milan Dinić

      Go to Share>Download and get URL of video file. Put it to download in your favorite download manager. If connection breaks, simply resume download and you’ll get full video.

  3. Banago

    Really great talk. Every new-to-wp guy should watch it. It’s like all-in-one starts pack :)

  4. Tim Strickland

    Beautiful presentation, very well done. Wish I could’ve attended in person as some of the screenshots in the video are not quite visible (a little fuzzy). I had no problems with video speed or chopping, only the fuzziness of some shots. Luckily, Chelsea is descriptive enough to get me through the tough parts. :-) Well done, Chelsea!

  5. cokrat123

    Still can not figure out how I can use this blog. I am new in this type of communication. The Internet, however I am not new. “There,” I am 8 years.

  6. Shawn Smith

    Wow. Great presentation – very surprisingly helpful. Thanks. I learned a lot. I do wish your slides were included somewhere since the video is fuzzy as others mentioned. But thanks for this presentation. I really appreciate it.

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