Matt Mullenweg RTE One News Interview


October 29, 2010

Matt Mullenweg interviewed live by Ireland’s RTE One channel on October 29th, 2010

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15 Responses to “Matt Mullenweg RTE One News Interview”

  1. John James Jacoby

    Hey I know that guy! Good job Matt!

  2. Stephane Daury

    Oh no, WordPress CamelCase alert… ;)

  3. John P. Bloch

    “Matt Mullenweg
    Founder, Wordpress”


  4. Mark

    Just noticed that the caption for Matt’s name spelt WordPress wrong. They didn’t capitalize the ‘P’. He won’t be happy!

  5. Tomsk Caldera

    I watched that on the night. Excellent!

  6. joker400

    Great interview .. i like it .. thanks Matt

  7. Ryan Gannon

    RTÉ actually did something interesting? This almost makes the extortionate TV license worth it. That’s a lie. But good job Matt. :D

  8. Wojtek Petasz

    Nice interview Matt. We are doing a crash course in web design/publishing based on WordPress here Let us know when you re in Ireland again we’ll buy you a pint!

  9. John

    Ireland, gets a mention :) Nice interview, thanks for the visit

  10. john

    great and thanks for sharing your time and expertize Matt, best of luck!

  11. simone

    Best answer ever to the question “what’s WordPress?”

  12. Israel Morales

    Well this guy was only asking about social networks, makes me say WTF! clearly he didn’t knew the importance of WordPress.

  13. alan

    Good job man! ;)

  14. tom (dB)

    Well presented and at a level any non geek could understand – perfect for the news. Nicely done.

    They didn’t capitalize the P in WordPress though :)

  15. Kaibo2 SEO

    Hey, Matt, did you mention the WordPress is not just for blogging. It’s a great CMS for all kinds of Web sites. Yeah! WordPress rocks! I’m thinking of adding more video tutorials about building WordPress Web sites for all kinds of businesses. Our tag line should be “Impress your visitors with WordPress!”

    kaibo from Dublin, who was once in Houston, TX too. Oh. Dublin in California, different from that one? :-)

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