Michael “mitcho” Erlewine: The Yet Another Related Posts Plugin Algorithm EXPLAINED!


January 29, 2011


WordCamp Phoenix 2011 36


Michael Erlewine 1


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English 1849

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5 Responses to “Michael “mitcho” Erlewine: The Yet Another Related Posts Plugin Algorithm EXPLAINED!”

  1. matt mcinvale

    Very interesting that this came up right when i was working with yarrp. Great explanation.

  2. olivernielsen

    At 04:12 he goes Steve Jobsy;-) “YARPP 3.2 is available… Today!”

  3. myblogtrainer

    Don’t wanna miss it… great plugin!
    It has been running on my websites since the beginning.
    Thanks so much to Mitcho!
    bg Chris :-)

  4. Fasmail

    This plugin has been helping me a lot in my search engine optimization stuff. Thanks mate!


  5. staszeko

    Well, it does not work for me. I have three posts that are related through its content, but YARPP cannot establish this relation. What can I do to force YARP to see these posts as related, without changing post content? Is there any keyword I can put inside HTML comments to do this?

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