Japh Thomson: Code Quality Standards And Best Practices


February 14, 2012


WordCamp Gold Coast 2011 2


Japh Thomson 2


coding standards 2
development 186
Featured 198


English 2021

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3 Responses to “Japh Thomson: Code Quality Standards And Best Practices”

  1. Japh

    Hi, thanks for watching! You can find my slides here: http://japh.com.au/wcgc2011/


  2. Alan Massimiliano Schiaretti

    Hi! It would be really nice if the good speech of this guy was filmed and recorded with a steady camera stand and a good microphone. WordPress TV would be really great and useful if the videos were much more engaging and short! Only my two cents… Thanks and keep up the good work!


  3. Stven

    I agree with Alan.

    From past experience:
    – One cam on tripod on speaker
    – Connect sound to sound system and do not record sound from cam
    – Put another cam on slides or get a copy of the slides
    – When display video on web, show it next to the slides

    Here is a good example: http://www.frontend2011.com/video/eva-lotta-lamm.html
    (ok, the video filming could probably be better)


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