Mika Epstein: Getting involved – Log on, jump in, hang out


August 21, 2012


WordCamp San Francisco 2012 30


Mika Epstein 5


English 1862

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6 Responses to “Mika Epstein: Getting involved – Log on, jump in, hang out”

  1. Konstantin Kovshenin

    Great talk Mika, thanks for all the work you’re doing, and thanks for being so patient with everybody :)

  2. Scott Basgaard

    Awesome Mika!

    “You can just doggy paddle in the shallow end with the kids for a while.”

    Loved that haha.

  3. soundlord

    Cool video. Also – dig the hat!

  4. elliottrichmond

    Truly inspirational Mika, I’m no psycho-coder either but I now feel I can help too! :-)

  5. btechnol

    Loved your presentation. I have been wanting to be more pro-active in WordPress forums and your presentation has inspired me.

  6. azita

    Hi Mika,
    I have started wordpress yesterday because of your video

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