Jonathan Stephens: Typography: Internet: Butter: Southern Cooking


December 6, 2012

We, as people of the internet, all share one thing in common: typography. Regardless of job titles, geography, or language, the web is a typographic medium that has finally come of age. Foundations of typography, thoughts on how to design with it, and techniques/tools to use, design and improve your typography skills. You’ll hear strange words like slugs, kerning, pangolins and grids. Whether you’re new to the whole “font” thing or a seasoned typographic designer, there’s something here for you.

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One Response to “Jonathan Stephens: Typography: Internet: Butter: Southern Cooking”

  1. Chad Warner

    Thanks for linking to the slides; they’re hard to see in the video. I recently read The Elements of Typographic Style (my review) and learned more than I’ve ever wanted to know about typography.


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