Panel Discussion: Teaming Up: From Freelance to WordPress Agency


August 11, 2013

The panel, moderated by Matt Mullenweg, explores what it means to break the 1 man freelancer barrier and the challenges of building an agency in the WordPress ecosystem. Topics include first hire/hiring/management, managing a team, business models (distributed vs. brick and mortar, contractors vs. full time employees), challenges with WordPress at a larger scale, and the economics of bigger teams in an ecosystem filled with freelancers.

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WordCamp San Francisco 2013 32


Matt Mullenweg 75
Jake Goldman 11
Shane Pearlman 4
Brad Williams 11
Alex King 3


WordPress Business 6


English 1930

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One Response to “Panel Discussion: Teaming Up: From Freelance to WordPress Agency”

  1. alex

    Thanks to Matt, Shane, Jake, Brad and the audience for making this a great panel – I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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