Jesse Petersen: Building Greater Profits Into Your WordPress Business


December 13, 2013

The great thing about our WordPress community is, while there is always going to be someone (or hundreds) of people who know more about something than any single individual, we all bring something unique to the table. It’s my hope that I validate some things you are doing right, shine some light on some areas you maybe hadn’t thought of before – or things you just haven’t had the courage to do or say.

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One Response to “Jesse Petersen: Building Greater Profits Into Your WordPress Business”

  1. Patrick

    Thank you for sharing your business experiences.
    From the first sight of WP, I started loving it. Right now I’m trying to really concentrate my focus on studying WP. I don’t get the big picture. What would you think the market in China cause I haven’t seen any big WP communities actively engaging at the moment?


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