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  • Pat Eason: Using WordPress as a Content Framework

    Pat Eason: Using WordPress as a Content Framework

    WordCamp Asheville 2015Speaker: Pat Eason

    October 4, 2015 — WordPress has plenty of options, both built-in and third-party, to be used as a content framework to create delightful administrative experiences that will improve your workflow and impress your clients; both those who use the site and manage content. Using WordPress’ built in Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies, and the Advanced Custom Fields plugin; learn how to use these to your advantage to create a great WordPress Dashboard UI and to better organize content for the admin-user and the end-user, and to streamline the entire editorial workflow with little development work necessary to make it happen.

    If the structure of WordPress leaves you wanting more, coming into WordPress from another platform, or new to theme development in general; this will help demystify WordPress and help you make WordPress work for you rather than working around WordPress.

  • Chase Livingston: Supercharge Your WordPress Site with Jetpack

    Chase Livingston: Supercharge Your WordPress Site with Jetpack

    WordCamp Asheville 2015Speaker: Chase Livingston

    October 3, 2015 — Jetpack is a powerful, but sometimes daunting plugin for new users, so I’d like to unpack some of its most popular and useful features and give attendees some concrete things they can then go and try themselves on their own sites. I’d like to cover the basic areas that Jetpack’s modules can be grouped into, and then go in depth with some of the most powerful ones.

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  • Mark Bloom: Online Writing Best Practices

    Mark Bloom: Online Writing Best Practices

    WordCamp Asheville 2015Speaker: Mark Bloom

    October 3, 2015 — Writing for the web is not like writing for any other media. An art and a science, it involves placing keywords correctly and in the proper density; it involves writing engaging copy that can be easily scanned; and it involves promoting the writing for maximum visibility. Learn how to attract an audience for either personal or professional content from a professional writer, using WordPress and selected plugins.


    Learn how to correctly use keywords so they work
    Learn the tricks of writing online content
    Learn how to promote your writing online, for free

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  • Dustin Meza: WordPress Upgrades: Ready, Set, Go!

    Dustin Meza: WordPress Upgrades: Ready, Set, Go!

    WordCamp Asheville 2015Speaker: Dustin Meza

    October 3, 2015 — WordPress upgrades, they bring us new features, faster sites, and better security. But pushing that upgrade button can be a scary moment, unless you’ve ensured your site is ready and compatible. I’ll show you the best practices for ensuring your site is ready including a simple strategy that works whether you manage one site or hundreds.

  • Kirsten Starcher: Designers and Developers: Cats and Dogs Living in Harmony

    Kirsten Starcher: Designers and Developers: Cats and Dogs Living in Harmony

    WordCamp Vancouver 2015Speaker: Kirsten Starcher

    October 3, 2015 — Web designers and developers are each specialists with their own priorities, needs, and focus. Sometimes there can be a communication gap between the two, leading to misunderstandings and frustration. How can you learn to speak each other’s language and ensure your projects run smoothly and without hassles?

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  • Elizabeth Cagen: Designing WordPress Websites for the Omni-channel Experience

    Elizabeth Cagen: Designing WordPress Websites for the Omni-channel Experience

    WordCamp Rhode Island 2015Speaker: Elizabeth Cagen

    October 3, 2015 — It is critical to design your website to meet buyers’ evolving needs. Your website must engage them and be a valuable component of the process throughout their entire purchase journey.
    This presentation will discuss specific methods for putting your omni-channel customer at the forefront of your site design in order to increase leads, sales and revenue.

  • Tony Mazzarella: The Taoism of WordPress Projects - A Beginner's Guide to Managing Client Expectations

    Tony Mazzarella: The Taoism of WordPress Projects – A Beginner’s Guide to Managing Client Expectations

    WordCamp Rhode Island 2015Speaker: Tony Mazzarella

    October 3, 2015 — Tony Mazzarella likes to learn things the hard way. In this session, Tony will share entertaining anecdotes and real-life lessons from his 14 years of managing digital projects and the clients who accompany them. It’s all about balance—Yin & Yang. We’ll explore the balance between marketing yourself and under-promising so you can over-deliver. Tony will also cover the art of effectively pushing back while still being professional. Tony will illustrate the importance of finding good clients and getting your people in the right place.

  • Colin Murphy: The World of WordPress – Roles, Tasks, and Skills in WordPress Development

    Colin Murphy: The World of WordPress – Roles, Tasks, and Skills in WordPress Development

    WordCamp Rhode Island 2015Speaker: Colin Murphy

    October 3, 2015 — Today, are you a WordPress designer, developer, marketer, user?

    What about tomorrow?

    Available technology and visitor demands are raising expectations for sites. Collaboration can help us tap into specialized knowledge to get our projects done more quickly, with better results. Understanding your role and the roles of others can make you a great collaborator, can help you find resources, and can show you a path to grow in the WordPress community.

    Come learn about the World of WordPress and meet your neighbors from many lands each with specialized languages, cultures and funny customs. Find a role, find a collaborator, find your place in The World of WordPress.

  • Kalen Johnson: Stepping Outside the Bubble

    Kalen Johnson: Stepping Outside the Bubble

    WordCamp Vancouver 2015Speaker: Kalen Johnson

    October 3, 2015 — As developers and users of WordPress, we may get very comfortable using the software, and we may find ourselves getting nothing but WordPress jobs or only working with WordPress. This is wonderful, we become experts in our respective fields, yet there is a danger to this as well.

    I would like to remind everyone and explore some of the ideas that come from outside the WordPress bubble. All too often it’s easy to get entrenched in one way of thinking (the WordPress way), and while this is very necessary to understand how to work with WordPress efficiently and correctly, it often helps just as much to step outside of our comfort zone and explore how other people are handling the same problems we run into.

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  • Mendel Kurland: Hacking Your Personal Workflow And The Art Of Inbox Zero

    Mendel Kurland: Hacking Your Personal Workflow And The Art Of Inbox Zero

    WordCamp Dallas / Fort Worth 2015Speaker: Mendel Kurland

    October 3, 2015 — The art of inbox 0, tools to supercharge productivity, and a way to master your tasklist that actually works. Being busy is great for the bottom line, but often leaves you in a constant state of scramble. So how do you effectively make progress without running yourself into the ground? Get out from under your email, stop drowning at your desk in a sea of to-dos, and start rawking the face off your goals.

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