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  • James Barrett: Wireframing Essentials

    James Barrett: Wireframing Essentials

    WordCamp Chicago 2014Speaker: James Barrett

    July 23, 2014 — Wireframing is a tool designers and developers use to solidify content placement and layout on a page before visual design is applied. This presentation covers the ins and outs of wireframe development, when to present (and in some cases when not) to the client, and popular tools an apps used to develop informative and well designed wireframes.

    In addition to examples of both low fidelity and high fidelity wireframes, annotation and presentation of the deliverable with also be covered.

  • Speed as a Feature - Getting a Handle on Page Load Time

    Speed as a Feature – Getting a Handle on Page Load Time

    WordCamp Chicago 2014Speaker: Zack Tollman

    July 23, 2014 — Understanding why your page is rendering slowly is the first step to improving your page load speed. The faster your pages load, the better the site will convert and the happier your clients will be! In this talk, Zack introduces you to concepts that affect your site’s performance, including network connectivity, CSS rendering, and latency. Comprehension of these core performance concepts are then used to inform sensible recommendations for overcoming these problems. Throughout the discussion, tools for exploring your site’s performance are demonstrated to show how to optimize your site through proper measurement.

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  • Joe Dolson: Accessibility Ready - Theming for a Larger Audience

    Joe Dolson: Accessibility Ready – Theming for a Larger Audience

    WordCamp Chicago 2014Speaker: Joe Dolson

    July 23, 2014 — With WordPress 3.8, the theme repository supports a tag called ‘accessibility-ready’, to promote and identify themes that make it possible to build an accessible web site with WordPress. Learn what it takes to make a theme meet the accessibility-ready guidelines — and why we can’t call any theme “accessible.”

  • Chris Koerner: How to Get Involved with the WordPress Community

    Chris Koerner: How to Get Involved with the WordPress Community

    Wordcamp St Louis 2014Speaker: Chris Koerner

    July 22, 2014 — Where do you start? How do you meet people? Learn more about what can you do online and in-person to get involved in the WordPress community. This talk is about the opportunities that exist (like WordCamp!) but also things like github, irc, communities, and of course Meetup groups.

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  • Mike Hale: Content Calendars for WordPress: Tips and Tools

    Mike Hale: Content Calendars for WordPress: Tips and Tools

    WordCamp Chicago 2014Speaker: Mike Hale

    July 22, 2014 — Content calendars are a tool to plan and manage the content you will create for your site. For a multi-author blog it’s vital to controlling the chaos of rounding up writers and deadlines. This presentation covers the elements that make up a good content calendar and why they’re so useful. It will also take a look at tools to manage your content calendar and how to integrate it with your WordPress site. Topics include an overview of content calendar, what to include, using Evernote to manage a content content calendar & using Zapier to sync with WordPress, using the Editorial Calendar Plugin and CoSchedule.

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  • Tracy Apps: How to Not Design Like a Developer

    Tracy Apps: How to Not Design Like a Developer

    WordCamp Chicago 2014Speaker: Tracy Apps

    July 22, 2014 — Have you got enough WordPress hacking “skillz” to make your own custom themes, but they still look like crap? Don’t worry, there’s some simple steps and tools that can help you design less like a developer.

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  • Patrick Rauland: Freemium For the Rest of Us

    Patrick Rauland: Freemium For the Rest of Us

    WordCamp Chicago 2014Speaker: Patrick Rauland

    July 21, 2014 — Freemium is a proven business model for plugins and themes. But what about everyone else? Can you improve your business by giving away some products for free and making money with premium products? Do you have to tell software or can it be other things? We’ll go over these questions as we look at the freemium model in general and how it can relate to other industries.

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  • Yesenia Sotelo: Use Google Analytics to Improve Your WordPress Website

    Yesenia Sotelo: Use Google Analytics to Improve Your WordPress Website

    WordCamp Chicago 2014Speaker: Yesenia Sotelo

    July 20, 2014 — Let’s say goodbye to being overwhelmed by the information in Google Analytics. This session covers just the data points that are most applicable to your website. And discusses what each data point is actually telling us about the areas of our website that need improving. Armed with our new data know-how, we walked through WordPress-specific ideas that you can use to start improving your site. (And to keep all of us focused on the data that matters, you’ll receive a link to a dashboard template that you can “save as” and use directly in your Google Analytics account.)

  • Helen Hou-Sandi: WordCamp Philly 2014 Keynote

    Helen Hou-Sandi: WordCamp Philly 2014 Keynote

    WordCamp Philly 2014Speaker: Helen Hou-Sandi

    July 20, 2014 — Keynote from WordCamp Philly 2014.

  • Sara Cannon: Smart Design - Icon Fonts, SVG, and the Mobile Influence

    Sara Cannon: Smart Design – Icon Fonts, SVG, and the Mobile Influence

    WordCamp Chicago 2014Speaker: Sara Cannon

    July 17, 2014 — Fast, simple, SMART. Mobile devices have forever changed the way we interact with content. Now we have to consider many things such as HiDPI graphics, responsive design, speed, UI/UX patterns, touch target sizes, gestures, and more. All while not losing track of what’s important: Content.

    In this presentation Sara discusses the influence of mobile on design trends and demonstrates implementation techniques of smart design such as icon fonts, svg, and other helpful tips.

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