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  • Kyle Putnam: "Ask The Experts"

    Kyle Putnam: “Ask The Experts”

    WordCamp Miami 2017Speaker: Kyle Putnam

    May 17, 2017 — Kyle talks about managed hosting, product design and development, team collaboration to push technical products forward, and more.

  • Phil Marx: Lightweight use of transients

    Phil Marx: Lightweight use of transients

    WordCamp Berlin 2017Speaker: Phil Marx

    May 17, 2017 — WordPress Transients API is a powerful tool for caching data with an expiration date. But you always have to have a look on the database the transients are stored in.

    Transients can mess up your and your clients database without any benefit. A poor implementation of transients can slow down the database and consequently the webpage instead.

    I want to raise awareness for a lightweight way to use the Transients API. Additionally you’ll get an approach to reduce queries and fragmentation of the database.

  • Ivelina Dimova: The Magic of Debugging Legacy Code

    Ivelina Dimova: The Magic of Debugging Legacy Code

    WordCamp Madrid 2017Speaker: Ivelina Dimova

    May 16, 2017 — As lead of the Ongoing Client Support at CrowdFavorite I’ve worked with lots of legacy code on different projects. This session covers some of the lessons we’ve learned in the process and tips how to deal with the most common issues faster and more effective. It also shows how the legacy code can be actually fun!

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  • Liam Dempsey: A Simple Way to Customize Your Site

    Liam Dempsey: A Simple Way to Customize Your Site

    WordCamp Miami 2017Speaker: Liam Dempsey

    May 16, 2017 — Advanced Custom Fields is a powerful plugin that enables the addition of custom fields to your pages, posts and more. Yet, it’s so wonderfully simple that anyone with a basic understanding of WordPress themes can learn to integrate its functionality into their own WordPress builds. Come learn what it can do and how to get started using it.

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  • Dr. Nancy Richmond: Does Social Media Make You Happy

    Dr. Nancy Richmond: Does Social Media Make You Happy

    WordCamp Miami 2017Speaker: Dr. Nancy Richmond

    May 16, 2017 — Is social media impacting your happiness and productivity? People usually spend 3-4 hours every day on their smartphones. Fear of missing out, plagues a huge number of social media users. This session will give you the tools and balance you need to effectively use social media for your business and personal life. Learn how to live a happier life by understanding the research behind “Social Media and Happiness”.

  • Hristo Pandjarov: WordPress Without Borders – Scaling for Growth

    Hristo Pandjarov: WordPress Without Borders – Scaling for Growth

    WordCamp Miami 2017Speaker: Hristo Pandjarov

    May 16, 2017 — No matter what kind of website you have, people need to be able to find it, like it and then trust it before you can take any advantage of its existence. To achieve these three things you need to be on a constant watch out. Is your website live and accessible? Is it fast enough or visitors lose patience waiting for your page to open? In this talk, I will show you how to measure, optimize and prepare to scale resources to guarantee the availability and performance of your WordPress website.

  • Manuela von Prooijen: How to develop a “shitty client" radar

    Manuela von Prooijen: How to develop a “shitty client” radar

    WordCamp Berlin 2017Speaker: Manuela von Prooijen

    May 16, 2017 — When you started your web design company you fantasized about doing all day the one thing you love most: creating beautiful websites, writing code and making the internet a better place. Fast forward a few years: you love and appreciate most of your customers.

    However, every once in a while you get a client that drives you bananas! Shitty clients can drain your creativity, make your life difficult and take a lot of your time. They are every business owner’s nightmare and almost everyone in the web development has an outrageous “client from hell” story to tell.

  • Karla Campos: The Current State of UX 2017: Trends, What Works, Future Predictions

    Karla Campos: The Current State of UX 2017: Trends, What Works, Future Predictions

    WordCamp Miami 2017Speaker: Karla Campos

    May 15, 2017 — In this session we will discuss the current state of UX and go over examples of UX done right. We will talk about what works, what the future holds, the process of creating websites people love to use, and ways to improve user experience.

    It’s up to the design/development team to take lead and create amazing UX. In this workshop we will discuss taking that lead. The better the user experience, the more people will want to use and stay on your website. How many times have you loved using a website so much, you recommended it to a friend? Let’s build more of those websites and experiences.

  • Rachel S Lucas: Zero to Zen

    Rachel S Lucas: Zero to Zen

    WordCamp Miami 2017Speaker: Rachel S Lucas

    May 15, 2017 — This talk is for absolute beginners who would like to start their journey into the World of WordPress. I will speak on how I went from zero experience in creating WordPress websites to confidently creating and customizing new websites in a short amount of time and how you can learn to do the same.

    WordPress can seem daunting to the non-initiated. That is why during the talk you will learn valuable tips that would make your first (or ongoing) WordPress experience more pleasant. You will learn how to go from Zero to Zen in WordPress.

  • Naomi C. Bush: How We Built a Custom Charity With WordPress And No Custom Code

    Naomi C. Bush: How We Built a Custom Charity With WordPress And No Custom Code

    WordCamp Miami 2017Speaker: Naomi C. Bush

    May 15, 2017 — Over 150 people came together one October to build 48 custom WordPress websites for 48 non-profits in 48 hours. Learn how we built the custom fundraising system that empowered these organizations to accept online donations and mobilize their communities to start their own fundraising campaigns just like charity: water — in less than two hours with zero custom code. And take away some tips for how you, too, can quickly and efficiently build custom business applications at a fraction of the cost using WordPress.